Gee Gee and Me Review The Pro-Safe Headcollar by LeMieux

To turn little Arnold out I have to walk through another horses paddock. Whenever possible, said horse’s owner and I time it so that Arnold goes out first and is brought in last; we try to be a finely turned operation. But we’re both realistic to understand life isn't always perfect, nor does it run to plan. For example when the farrier is due, or I ride first thing in a morning, I am then later turning out than normal. 

As Arnold is just 4, and walking through the paddock of a horse that is eager to say hello can be very exciting. Arnold’s friend is a beautiful teenage thoroughbred, who is proof that ‘age is just a mere number’. He loves to frolic, touch noses and squeal with joy in Arnold’s presence. More often than not, Arnold joins in too and the rope has been pulled out of my hands altogether a couple of times and they've enjoyed an enthusiastic canter around the field. As fun as this is, nobody wants divots in their paddock and I needed to make sure I was the one in control, so I ordered a Pro-Safe Headcollar by LeMieux.

The Pro-Safe Headcollar is described as being ‘ideal for lively horses and ponies, stallions and young stock’ and has three settings, each offering different levels of control:

1.     Worn as a normal headcollar, the chain is always present and acts as a deterrent towards negative behaviour without actually being in use.
2.     Using the two rings together exerts an even pressure on either side of the nose for control.
3.     The most effective setting is to use one ring directly; this applies pressure over the nose and underneath the jaw exerting the most control.

The headcollar has a padded, rubber foam noseband and poll cover providing shock absorbing comfort and Mr LeMieux explains the mechanism perfectly in a video on this link here
Sizing - Arnold is turning out to be a little bit bigger than Oscar and I ordered a full size as his current cob headcollar is snug. Arnold is 15hh and the full size fits well on the smallest settings.

Although I have never used anything like this before, I knew if Arnold’s attention wasn't focused on me the situation could become dangerous. For us the Pro-Safe Headcollar is reserved for this one occasion only, and after one use I immediately noticed a difference. I use setting number two to apply pressure to both sizes of the nose. This pressure is only activated when negative behaviour is instigated, for example if Arnold were to pull away from me, once the horse yields to the pressure it is released. I always revert back to Arnold's normal headcollar if he is the first/last in the field, when travelling and tied up on the yard I immediately change the setting, or loop my lead rope is attached to, however this is a useful tool to have in my kit and well worth the investment of £29.95 for extra control when it is needed.

Although I work with this product was a purchase I made and not a gift. 

Much love,
Gee Gee and Me 


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  2. I switched to ProSafe after Weaver Leather I found here: The quality was average and the price was fine. But I was looking for something non-leather. I like ProSafe for soft padding protection on the nose band. And it looks classy!