Back in November I praised Botanica International's Cleansing Wash on Gee Gee and Me...Arnold had just arrived from Ireland and his skin, coat, mane and tail were in need of some love. Living life in the herd is a little different to life at GG&M HQ...

Botanica International were also kind enough to send me a pot of their Natural Herbal Cream, this took a little longer to put through its paces as fortunately, I don't have any mud rashes, ringworm, cuts or wounds to contend with - touching wood as I type! I do however have very sore human hands and Oscar, as always at this time of year has rubs, from almost everything and anything that touches his skin. As a result I have been lathering it on the both of us.

The Natural Herbal Cream is a unique combination of herbal ingredients, similar to those found in the Cleansing Wash, carefully selected and blended to repair blemishes and skin complaints. There is a noticeable scent of tea tree oil, that works alongside aloe vera, comfrey and lavender to perform their magic to support and maintain healthy skin.

The tub has a handy pump helping it stay hygienic, meaning no fingers inside the pot and because its not 'just for horses' I have found myself using it has a hand cream after I have washed out water buckets and feed bowls before my gloves go back on. The tub I have is the largest; 500ml and £29.95 - and can be purchased by clicking here - I will certainly be investing in another pot as soon as I am out as I think it will be perfect in the summer months as a fly repellent and fly bite treatment.

The more people I speak to about Botanica International Products, the more I realise how widely known the brand is. I feel like it is one of the best kept secrets in our equestrian world and if you're like I was and blissfully unaware, I really urge you to take a look at their products. Hot clothing will never be the same again...

Thank you
Gee Gee and Me

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