Gee Gee and Me Review Botanica International's Cleansing Wash

A delivery from Botanica International was perfectly timed in October because it coincided with the arrival of Arnold, a 3 year old Connemara pony and the newest addition to our family. Coming from a large herd in Ireland, he had a chewed forelock, the odd bite and a very stubbly tail. Knowing Botanica International is a brand renowned for natural goodness and healing, I couldn't wait to show Arnold some TLC.

The Cleansing Wash is a unique combination of natural healing ingredients, blended to make a soothing antiseptic. With my guinea-pig aka Connemara pony tied up and ready for pampering, I boiled the kettle and followed the instructions;

  • Shake well...
  • Two capfulls of Cleansing Wash
  • One litre of warm water

As the steam rose from the bucket, the yard was filled with the most beautiful aroma; lavender, tea tree, aloe-vera and comfrey. I dipped my sponge in the liquid, rung it out and smoothed it over Arnold's coat. Paying close attention to any bites or scabs with confidence knowing the Cleansing Wash can be used on broken skin safely, without it needing to be washed off. I finished by washing Arnold's tail. This has been our weekly routine and Arnold has lost most of his scabs, new hair is growing and he looks wonderful in his coat, his tail is recovering too.

Left - when Arnold arrived, apologies the pictures are a little dark.
Right - four weeks later.

I loved the product so much I have started to use it as my hot cloth tipple after clipping Oscar too, its effective in the battle against scurf and his coat looks great. I too go home with soft, clean hands that smell less like a yard and more like a spa.

The Cleansing Wash is available in various sizes, starting at 300ml for £10.95. Thank you to Botanica International for sending this product to me and giving me the time needed to properly put it through its paces.

Thank you reading
Gee Gee and Me.

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