LeMieux ProSport Boots Are Pretty in Plum

Plum is THE colour of Autumn/Winter '17 and LeMieux did it first. Pictured above is a throwback to November '16 with Oscar modelling the beautiful Plum ProSport Suede Square Dressage Pad and Bandages. An iconic 'Matchy Set' that continues to be a best seller for LeMieux, but what about the practicality of bandages come the Winter months that I declare as 'work boot season'? When my beautiful bandages are washed - into a tangled mess - and neatly re-rolled into their packages. Let out only for lessons and other such special occasions until Springtime and dryer days return. 

LeMieux understand this...they're horse people, real humans and have launched ProSport Support Boots in Plum and other classic LeMieux colours. Oscar and I were lucky enough to put these to the test...

The ProSport Support Boots are lightweight and flexible, allowing full movement whilst supporting the fetlock and tendon. They reminded me of memory foam, I could easily scrunch them in my hand and they'd slowly pop back into shape. Their fabric allows all round ventilation and prevents rubbing and sweat build up. 

Ideal for turnout (but far too beautiful) and perfect for schooling and competition. They're easily whipped on and off by three suede velcro tabs - beating the unwinding of soggy bandages, covered in ménage surface and look equally as smart as bandaged legs whilst providing equal if not better support.

A product recommended by many vets, Oscar has worked beautifully in them wearing medium on both his front and hind legs. They cost £34.50 per pair and you can buy them here.

Jessica & Oscar.

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