LeMieux ProSport Boots Are Pretty in Plum

Plum is THE colour of Autumn/Winter '17 and LeMieux did it first. Pictured above is a throwback to November '16 with Oscar modelling the beautiful Plum ProSport Suede Square Dressage Pad and Bandages. An iconic 'Matchy Set' that continues to be a best seller for LeMieux, but what about the practicality of bandages come the Winter months that I declare as 'work boot season'? When my beautiful bandages are washed - into a tangled mess - and neatly re-rolled into their packages. Let out only for lessons and other such special occasions until Springtime and dryer days return. 

LeMieux understand this...they're horse people, real humans and have launched ProSport Support Boots in Plum and other classic LeMieux colours. Oscar and I were lucky enough to put these to the test...

The ProSport Support Boots are lightweight and flexible, allowing full movement whilst supporting the fetlock and tendon. They reminded me of memory foam, I could easily scrunch them in my hand and they'd slowly pop back into shape. Their fabric allows all round ventilation and prevents rubbing and sweat build up. 

Ideal for turnout (but far too beautiful) and perfect for schooling and competition. They're easily whipped on and off by three suede velcro tabs - beating the unwinding of soggy bandages, covered in ménage surface and look equally as smart as bandaged legs whilst providing equal if not better support.

A product recommended by many vets, Oscar has worked beautifully in them wearing medium on both his front and hind legs. They cost £34.50 per pair and you can buy them here.

Jessica & Oscar.


Training is my Therapy by Caldene

Hands up...who has invested in their Caldene Long Sleeved Training Top for winter? 

I love everything about them. From their price tag of £27.00 to the soft peached fabric and diamanté detail. Which is in your shopping basket? Training is my therapy or Paris, plaits & pirouettes...?

Maybe both!

Jessica & Oscar.


The Must Have Ede Top by Caldene

From the beautiful shade of plum, to the soft stretchy fabric that fits perfectly, equestrian clothing doesn't get much better than the Ede Top by Caldene. If I could recommend one item of rider wear to spend on for the autumn/winter season, this would be it.

The attention to detail of the Ede Top is something Caldene have to be proud of, a brand steeped in heritage and history. This top incorporates all of the brands values and is perfectly suited to riders of all disciplines.

From the pretty shade of plum to the flattering fit I mentioned above, the Ede Top is dressed in rose gold. The 1/4 zip at the neck, the crackled Caldene logo above a stunning ruched pattern at the back and the dashes on the sleeves framing the fabric change at the cuff. Leading to my favourite feature...thumb-holes! A luxury in cold weather, I find them so cosy and its certainly a feature I am drawn to when shopping for equestrian winter wear.

Finally the Ede Top is signed off with a pleather Caldene badge. All of these features allow us, as riders to perform to the highest standards, whilst remaining classically stylish.

All for £45, click here to buy yours...

Jessica and Oscar.


Caldene A/W '17 - Serina Silicone Knee Breeches

Jelly Legs is the fond nickname I have given to my collection of silicone knee breeches and the beautiful Serina's by Caldene are no exception. Often favouring them (Jelly Legs) to my trusted suede bottomed breeches. I couldn't wait to put Caldene's to the test!

The Serina Silicone Knee Breeches are made from a four way stretch fabric and offer a perfect, true to size fit. I have found them extremely comfortable to wear whilst hacking, schooling, grooming and mucking out. One of my favourite features is the close contact silver stretch cuff. Soft, elasticated and sleek under boots. I really dislike bulk, especially as Winter beckons and socks get thicker!

The technical fabric is water repellent, quick drying and wind proof. Complimented by ergonomic silicone (jelly) glitter knee patches, these provide optimum grip. The classic navy colour shines bright in the daylight, dressed with silver stitching and rose gold finishing touches. They're a thing of beauty and Caldene have created a high end product with an affordable £80 price tag.

To buy your Jelly Legs, click here

Jessica and Oscar


Caldene Look Book for Autumn Winter 2017

I remember wearing Caldene all of my life, it is a name I have grown up wearing. Especially their tweeds. Being a long, thin teenager I felt I never did the beautiful cut of their jackets the justice they deserved. Now I am an adult, I have the opposite concern and wonder how tight it will be come the showing and hunting seasons, when fill them a little too well!

A brand highly respected in all walks of the equestrian world, Caldene focus on delivering a clothing range for competitive and leisure riders alike. Successfully incorporating the latest technology you would expect from a prestige, modern brand without the crazy price tag - that limits you to one item per season - because of this I am so excited to launch an Autumn/Winter 2017 Look Book sharing our favourite pieces from the Caldene collection.

Spring and Summer 2017 saw 'Showjumping, Shopping and Spa Days'...what will Autumn and Winter 2017 bring...? Like Gee Gee and Me on Facebook to find out.

Jessica and Oscar



Midnight Blue by LeMieux

A 'Top Secret' parcel arrived one week before the LeMieux National Dressage Championships with a polite notice not to share with the world before the event! That evening, I dimmed the lights and kitten and I unwrapped the LeMieux ProSport Suede Square, Bandages and Fly Veil in Midnight Blue as if we were Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

Just like the midnight sky, this colour changes to its surroundings.
Sometimes bright blue, like above in the morning light of my kitchen.
Other times a stormy deep petrol blue in the evening hue.

Those who follow Gee Gee and Me will know we advocate the classic LeMieux saddle pads. Leading the way in style and comfort they have become iconic to the brand. Read why here in my full review of Plum from November 2016.

Autumn/Winter 2017 welcomes the luxury colours of Caramel and Midnight Blue. I can't wait to play dress up with Oscar and see how smart he looks in this rich, dreamy night sky colour.

Jessica & Oscar