Equisafety Charlotte Dujardin Arret Waistcoat Review

My horse is my best friend, I plan my life around him and more often than not his needs come before mine, like most equestrians I sacrifice holidays, hair and make up and would happily go without if it mean Oscar not having to.

Because of this why would I not want to take every precaution possible to be safe and seen when riding out? Whether it allows the driver of a vehicle an early heads up that we are on the horizon, alerts a farmer working in a field with loud machinery of our presence...or offering a dog walker enough time to recall their canine before our paths cross, I feel the benefits far outweigh any negatives and I hope you would all agree too.

Equisafety would be my go to brand for hi-visibility attire and I am honored to have been sent an Arret Waistcoat from their stylish Charlotte Dujardin range to put to the test...

The Arret Waistcoat is made from a lightweight breathable, waterproof fabric and has a useful two way front zip, two hidden side pockets - essential for iPhone safety - two open back vents and a beautifully soft lining. An intuitive design, the waistcoat stands out with sparkling silver hi-visibility stripes and Charlotte Dujardin's trademark initials on both the front and back. The shape is feminine creating an elegant silhouette, a far cry from the baggy vests that historically made up our hi-visibility wardrobe that in 2017 are far more suited to a building site than equestrianism!

Available in pink, red and yellow and sizes XS-XXL.
I cautiously ordered a size up and wear a generous Medium because I wanted to wear all year around over anything from a summer vest top to a puffy winter coat without feeling restricted.

The Charlotte Dujardin Equisafety Collection is the most stylish hi-visibility range I have ever seen and although at a higher cost than your average 'vest' - the Arret Waistcoat is priced at £49.99 - it's a fabulous piece of technical clothing that will never go out of fashion and can be worn year after year, if you enjoy looking smart on a your steed it will be a very worthy investment.

I can't wait for many more adventures wearing mine...staying safe, being seen.

Thank you for reading,
Jessica and Oscar


LeMieux Ringers Over Reach Boot Review

I love new products especially when they're by LeMieux therefore I was giddy to be tasked with reviewing their latest range of over reach boots called "Ringers".

Apart from having an awesome name the LeMieux Ringers Over Reach Boots are a durable boot for turnout, schooling and competition wear, which is what makes them so unique. At first glance they almost look too posh for turnout but the following points mean they're ideal...
  1. firstly they cost just £12.95 
  2. available in "easy to find when trashed in the field" colours of red and, not so much
  3. double lock velcro
  4. super soft black fleece collar, preventing rubs
  5. easy to wash off and clean
  6. manufactured from horizontal rubber rings for a super strong over reach boot
If they can successfully survive a turnout environment that involves leaping, bouncing, playing...mud (!!) wearing the Ringers for protection when schooling and competing would be a breeze, something I put to the test at the canter track on Saturday...

Always game for a jolly, Oscar happily humped his back and set off in 6th gear, zooming around the canter track, the Ringers Over Reach Boots provided all the protection they promised and any traces of arena surface in the fleece collar simply brushed off to leave them looking as good as new.

LeMieux over reach boots are always of superior quality, for me no other brand compares, in February 2015 I documented my love of the Wrap Around Lambskin Over Reach Boot and even further back in October 2014 the Wrap Around Leather Over Reach Boot, both of which are still going strong, I have no doubt the Ringers Over Reach Boots will live up to the same expectations...

Oscar wears size Medium as always in over reach boots, the Ringers come up smaller than other designs and if I ordered an additional pair would opt for Large - see picture for fit, taken post ride out therefore his tootsies are dirty...
Sizes: S - XL

Thank you for reading,
Jessica and Oscar 


Keeping Up With The Unicorns - Horse Health Brite Whites Shampoo

The maintenance involved in keeping up with the unicorns is written into our weekly planner...

Monday - lunge
Tuesday - mane and tail wash
Wednesday - flat get the idea

...because limiting it to before an important date, show or competition is not enough, as many owners of greys or equally challenging coloured horses will confirm it doesn't happen by accident, keeping a unicorn is a lifestyle.

I was overjoyed Horse Health included a bottle of their Brite Whites Shampoo in my Official LeMieux Blogger parcel, an exciting purple shampoo that has been put to the ultimate test of being used prior to a dressage test when Oscar's tail should glitter and his mane be dazzling, yet plait-able after a fresh wash!

I always shampoo Oscar with warm water - cold water does not lift the dirt, whatever the time of year - once I had this prepared I squirted Brite Whites Shampoo into my palms, it's noticeably thick and a vivid purple colour which it kept as I worked it into a lather, amusingly he looked magical...purple really suits him! As instructed I left the shampoo in both his mane and tail for over five minutes before rinsing out the pastel purple soap suds revealing a sparkling white pony underneath.

I am in love with the Brite Whites Shampoo from Horse Health because it works, it is one of the best whitening shampoos I have used to date and there has been a few...a must have in every grooming kit, whether you're tackling a stubborn white sock or a top to toe grey!
Available to purchase from Horse Health - 500ml - £9.95

Thank you for reading
Jessica and Oscar


Leroy and Bongo Dressage Folder

Who else has a folder for their dressage tests....? A folder for dressage score sheets? And numerous pads and post-its with dressage test scribbles?

The answer must be more than just me because Leroy and Bongo have compiled a Dressage Folder for tests and results broken down into four stylish chapters:

Learn Tests - pages and pages of perfectly harrowed arenas made for scrawling your dressage tests on - remember long dash = walk, short dash = trot, I have my own dressage test shorthand.
I am visual and usually learn my tests by roughly drawing an arena and recalling my pony club 'All King Edwards Horses Can Make Big Fences' as I scatter the letters around the edge of my rectangle.

Events and Results - record the venue, date, test, judge, score, placing and any comments in this tidy section, last year I moved from unaffiliated dressage competitions to an Associate rider at British Dressage and found it invaluable to compare the same test sheet at unaffiliated and affiliated level to assess our performance, I found it a super insightful exercise that will now be easier to complete thanks to this chapter in the Dressage Folder.

Score Sheets - I already had a folder for these, filed in date order, each neatly placed into a plaster wallet from March 2014 to February gave me great pleasure to transfer them into my beautiful Leroy and Bongo Folder - I love being organised, this folder was MADE for me!

Tests - ...again, separate folder and another great deal of satisfaction taken in transferring across.

For the super organised (I raise my hand), it will bring huge joy having everything in one bespoke place, for the disorganised it will make life simple and gives you no excuse to not archive in a logical and correct way.

Recording my achievements with Oscar is hugely important to me, Oscar had a period of time off in the Summer and was bought back into work slowly, this weekend I returned to the dressage boards and once home compared my score sheet to the last time we rode the same test at that level, this was in September 2015. I could have burst with pride because our scores and comments evidenced we hadn't fallen as backwards as I thought and it has given me the confidence to step back up to compete at a higher level in March. I love that the gorgeous Leroy and Bongo Dressage Folder will now keep all of this in one safe place.

Thank you for reading

Jessica and Oscar


Hippo Net Hay-Net Review

The people have spoken, I shared the contents of my Official LeMieux Blogger parcel on Gee Gee and Me's Facebook Page and asked what you wanted to see first...the Hippo Net was the clear winner!

The Hippo Net hay-net was an interesting product to receive and I will confess it would have never of appeared on Gee Gee and Me without the support from Horse Health. The sole purpose of the hay-nets I own is to use whilst steaming hay, however the public interest in the Hippo Net shows that I am clearly alone in this and with an open mind I gave it a go. I needed to know what Oscar and I were missing out on...!

The Hippo Net is a lightweight, soft and flexible hay-net, woven as opposed to knotted and made from nylon, it opens easily and stays open making it untroublesome to fill - hooray for the simple joys in life - the tie string is looped through little metal hoops, not nylon threaded through nylon that can easily tangle and it's huge, fitting Oscar's 6kg overnight hay allowance in with plenty of room for more.

The Hippo Net hay-net has small 40 mm holes offering less waste, slowing eating time and aiding digestion without frustrating the horse or pony by being too small or too difficult to munch from. Normally my preferred method of feeding hay is from the floor because of my obsession with respiratory health however a consequence of this means I pick hay remains out of Oscar's bedding on a daily basis so the 'less waste' Hippo Net selling point was attractive and I couldn't discount my love for the idea of slowing down the eating every horse owner I worry the mountainous pile will have been inhaled by 11 pm.

During our trial time Oscar has happily tucked into the Hippo Net and it has completely resolved the issue of hay being mixed into his shavings bed...SUCCESS, I have a huge temptation to purchase more...available from Horse Health in grey/blue or burgundy/beige at £9.95.

Jessica and Oscar


Official LeMieux Bloggers for Horse Health

I have lost count of the number of times Gee Gee and Me have featured products from Horse Health on our blog, you name it, I've written about it...from their Shed Flower "the Bloom that Grooms" to their classic range of LeMieux pads, bandages and over reach boots!

For many years Horse Health has been my go-to luxury equestrian retailer and because of my genuine adoration for Horse Health and LeMieux it is with huge pride I announce that Oscar and I have been named as Official Bloggers. Excitingly this will allow me to trial, test and share even more quality equestrian products with you lovely lot and I must thank you all for your continued support in reading and following Gee Gee and Me. lets get to the important stuff, what was in my first parcel;

I've already started putting some of the products through their paces and can't wait to put pen to paper (so to speak) to bring you my thoughts...I think 2017 is going to be just fabulous!

Jessica and Oscar


Leroy and Bongo 2017 Planner

During my 9-5 or 8 to 6...sometimes 7 as a more appropriate description, my world reolves around my computer. My trusted outlook calendar dictates my day minute by minute, constantly reminding me of meetings, conference calls and due returns. Without this wonderful tool I'd be lost because in my professional life I don't do paper...however my personal life couldn't be more different.

I still note personal appointments in my Filofax, refusing to use my iPhone diary, I mind map, plan and prepare all of my blog ideas in a notebook, I appreciate a good pen and patterned paper. My father once joked and asked himself whether he deprived me of such things when I was young because of my stationery obsession, but neither of my parents did, it's just the novelty of neat handwriting and well presented work never wore off, maybe it's the romance of writing I love?

Because of this is it no surprise I am smitten with Leroy and Bongo's 2017 Planner, an essential tool to organise your horsey life in one beautiful place split into six chapters;

One. Essential information, including registered name, stable name, 
gender, colour, height, dam, sire, date of foaling, owner, rider and contact details

Two. Healthcare in a simple twelve month view.
Schedule essential appointments and activities such as vaccinations, dentist, farrier,
physiotherapist, worming and because it is designed across a two page spread 
it makes plotting the dates easy and helps me to budget financially for these appointments

Three. Training and events pages month by month, 
specific columns for event location, entry deadline dates, results and notes.
This feature makes me realise how many days there are in a month and potentially how
many pony parties I could fit in, I intend to fill it with high expectations and even if 
I only tick a couple off be satisfied because I am often guilty of leaving entries too late.

Four. A daily planner, one week is shown over two pages and prompts weekly 
goal setting, progress notes, to-do lists, feed, supplement and weight tape monitoring
(I really must start weight monitoring, all done by eye or when we visit the vets at the moment)

Five. Note pages...useful for doodling your dressage test...dashes = trot,
full stop = transition...we've all done this

Six. Contacts page - essential for when the technology fails

The planners are available in grey, pink, blue and white and are £20 from Leroy and Bongo.

My PE teacher in school frequently quoted "fail to prepare and prepare to fail" a very true statement and this unique, equestrian minded Leroy and Bongo 2017 Planner will set you on the path to success whether you're learning about a new horse and want to document your journey, your horse is in rehab, or you're planning the fitness work and competition season to follow it will bring joy to all and be a special memoir of how 2017 was spent with your beloved Gee Gee.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar.