My Horse Box - December 2016

One Sunday evening My Horse Box or rather @myhorseboxUK exploded onto Twitter taking #EquineHour by storm, at 8pm my ears pricked, they had my forward to 9pm and they had my money, I was full of excited anticipation!

When I made my subscription all I could think about was what was inside...but when I opened the plastic wrapping to reveal the box I paused. My Horse Box have created a luxurious product - or should I call it a 'service', public duty to all equestrians - the black, glittering box was larger than I had expected, it's contents perfectly wrapped, almost too beautiful to tear apart. I loved opening it and savoured each item, taking the time to read the well presented index card as I went...

December 2016

  • Events Through A Lens - premium high quality print of Anna Power and Chesterfield Z competing at HOYS 2016, followed by a card headed up 'Hacking Out With...' featuring a Q&A with Anna.
  • Dressage Anywhere - free dressage test before the end of March 2017, simply ride and film your test, upload for judging, download your scoresheet and recieve 15% off your second test - I must pencil in a date for my unwilling other half or a parent to try this out, I wonder if they can call my test and film at the same time? 
  • My Horse Box - personalised dandy brush from with firm nylon bristles, lovingly hand crafted in the UK, it's a delightful addition to my grooming kit and will be great at tackling mud during the dark months of 2017
  • Ruffle Snuffle - a brand Oscar and I already know and love included their Hooffed hand baked pony cookies in the box, made with no artificial preservatives, colours, flavour enhancers, salt or sugar - they're our favourite treat.
  • Tottie - SOCKS. Because everyone loves socks, knee high they feature a padded foot, arch support and ventilation panels to ensure they're warm yet breathable, in cute pink and turquoise.
  • Equine Happy - anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, all natural hoof conditioner....WITH GLITTER! Also containing tea tree oil, fluaseed oil and thyme oil to leave hoofs beautifully conditioned and sparkly. This is an adorable product that I can't wait to feature on a "Keeping Up With The Unicorns" blog - surely this product was made for us.
  • Safe Care Equine - a natural shampoo that is sud-free and removes scurf, made from plants and natural extracts it won't irritate the skin. Another product I am really excited by, I am grooming obsessed and take a huge pride in Oscar looking and feeling well. This year with him only having a chaser clip - as opposed to a full hunter clip - I have noticed scurf more than usual on his tack, rugs etc...therefore this product could be our new essential for Winter. Plus I have heard nothing but praise for Safe Care Equine products.
  • Plus discount vouchers for Tottie, an Events Through A Lens photo shoot and rugs at Horse Voucher. 

The first question I got asked by a follower of Gee Gee and Me..."was it worth it, cost vs goods?" ...and yes.
Yes because of the giddy excitement it bought over me and yes because I am thankful for the new products I have learnt about such as the Dressage Anywhere voucher, something I had not considered taking part in before but I am hugely looking forward to using.

There isn't a set value per box but My Horse Box guarantee it will be in excess of the £29.99 payment, I am confident to say you will not be disappointed and you can sign up for a little as one month, which is all I did although I have to warn you I have since signed up for another and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of January's. The way I see it, it's a sure way to beat the post Christmas blues...

Jessica and Oscar 

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