Derby House' Elite Turnout Rug Ticks Every Box *****

I wouldn't consider it unusual for an equestrian to spend more money on their equines Winter wardrobe than their own and I am no exception. Therefore, when Derby House offered to send Oscar a Heavyweight Turnout Rug from their super smart Elite range to review, I excitedly accepted! At under £100, it came out of the box looking like great value and I couldn't wait to put it to the test...

Within the first few days of Oscar wearing his stylish Elite rug, I knew it ticked all of my 'must-have' rug features so Gee Gee and Me ran a poll on our Facebook page and asked you; 

what makes the perfect Winter rug for your horse? 

  • Tracy shared that a good fit is essential when buying rugs for her ex-racer, Dan. A brand, cut or style that works for one, doesn't always for another. I found the Derby House Elite Heavyweight Turnout Rug true to size for Oscar - a Connemara at 15hh - he wears a 6ft. Laura, a follower of Gee Gee and Me purchased one for her beautiful thoroughbred mare Q - pictured below - dainty at 15.1hh she wears a size 5'9ft. The rug is also lined with Derby House' Elite Signature nylon, this promises to maintain coat shine and prevent rubs and chaffing, equally as important as a good fit. 
  • Tracy also prioritises warmth and although Oscar is no thoroughbred, he spends his winters fully clipped, so we too think this is important. The Derby House Elite Heavyweight Turnout Rug has a durable 1680 denier outer shell that protects the 350g of cosy inner fill, together with the high-spec waterproof design the rug provides excellent low temperature protection. Oscar has been nothing but warm, dry and cosy, even in sub zero temperatures. 
  • Jenny of Wild At Hoof Barefoot Rehab wants an extra large tail flap, hind leg straps - as opposed to a fillet string - appropriately positioned shoulder gussets and either a high or fixed neck adding that she struggles to find rugs that tick all of these boxes...
  • The Derby House Elite Turnout Rug has an ample tail flap, with a wind strap for added protection in the worst of weather. Soft and elastic hind leg straps, that safely clip into place with no fillet string. A feature I am 100% in agreement with Jenny on being an essential because Oscar has been known to wriggle out of fillet string straps whilst enjoying a good roll, often found with rugs wrapped around his ears in the field, waiting to be rescued. The positioning of the shoulder gusset comes back to Tracy's priority of a good fitting rug and it is impossible to comment on how the Elite range will suit every shape and size however they are well positioned on Oscar and Q, two very different breeds allowing full freedom of movement to both. The Derby House Elite Heavyweight Turnout Rug comes in a detach-a-neck' and a 'fixed neck' option, both providing high full neck coverage. 
  • Louise, a loyal follower of Gee Gee and Me owns two beautiful horses and doesn't want her heavyweight turnout rugs to weight too much, with outer shells that don't rip and are super waterproof with front surcingles for ease of use with cold fingers in the winter. There is nothing worse than counting to three to gather momentum before throwing a rug over your horse and thankfully the Derby House Elite Heavyweight Turnout Rug is light and easy to handle, the filling springy and soft. Oscar has worn his on the wettest of days, the water beading and running off the strong 1680 denier surface, without penetrating the fabric, keeping it lightweight and easy to handle. Front surcingles no...but front velcro and fully adjustable chest clips...YES! 
  • In addition to the above, my priorities also include a rug that won't destroy Oscar's mane. The Derby House Elite Heavyweight Turnout Rug has a faux sheepskin poll at the whiter, reducing pressure on this area. Combined with the detachable neck option and the breath-ability of the material, Oscar's mane should remain healthy and strong this winter and can be worn in the stable and out.
  • Not forgetting a final shout out to the reflective straps, on the chest, tail and rear! Essential when you're stood in a field, in the pitch black with nothing but a headcollar and an iPhone torch and your horse is refusing to be found! I speak from experience...

Derby House are so proud of their smart Elite rug range they offer an Elite 3 Year Warranty against the fixtures and fittings and waterproof-ness of the outer shell of their turnout rugs. Oscar has been wearing the rug for a month now, in varying weather conditions, with his field friends and we're in love. Why would I ever spend hundreds of pounds again on heavyweight turnouts when this does the job perfectly...if not better.

Buy yours here:
Detach-A-Neck £99.99
Fixed Neck £89.99

Jessica & Oscar.


Dear Santa...A Subscription to My Horse Box

My Horse Box is a luxury, monthly subscription box for the equine obsessed and would make a truly unique Christmas gift this year. You can subscribe for one month, or three, and each box has a theme; 'Hacking Out', 'Back to Schooling', 'Show-Ready', 'Spring Cleaning' to name just a few. 

The founders, Annabelle and Jonathan hand pick the most exciting and innovative equine products on the market and on route, gather exclusive discount codes for their subscribers. I am convinced they are super-human as they do all of this and somehow find the time to interview big names such as 2017 Burghley runner up Piggy French, and eight-time Paralympic Champion, Sophie Christiansen CBE for their monthly 'Hacking Out' feature. All perfectly packaged into a stylish My Horse Box and delivered on time, direct to my door once a month.

Want to know more..? Take a look inside November's 'No Foot, No Horse' box and discover why it is the perfect present...

  1. Bespoke and Personal - Solid Wood and Nickle Plated Steel Hoof Pick
  2. The Herbal Horse - Farrier Mix
  3. Safe-Care Equine - BioHoof
  4. Supreme Products - Heel, Sole and Frog Care
  5. Topline Naturals - Hoof Dressing
  6. Hacking Out interview with British Eventing Royalty, Lucinda Fredericks!
One month costs: £34.99 or three months for £97.47 - this includes a luxury My Horse Box, with the promise of goods to the value of £50 RRP and delivery included! If you're struggling to buy for the equestrian who has everything, then this is the one...

Jessica & Oscar.


Dear Santa...Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip

I helped a friend carry her tack to her lorry pre competition. The usual things, saddle, bridle, boots, whip...whip? What is this? It was as light as a feather, invisible in my hand and made waves as I swooshed it through the air like a fancy sword. It was the Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip...

Of course it is German. Designed by a country celebrated for their architectural engineering, I had to have my own.

With a solid fibre glass core, the Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip is robust, never feeling delicate and always in perfect balance. Something not to be underestimated, because this helps my precision, ensuring my message is loud and clear and therefore less frequent. The weight and width of the Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip means I can keep my hand relaxed whilst holding it, with my thumbs on top.

We all have our own opinions on riding with a whip...I personally choose to for the purpose of backing up my leg aid - thought, energy, leg, tap! Whilst I would love to be a Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin who only pick up a whip to teach a certain movement, my lack of time, training sessions and hot Jazz bloodlines make this a challenging aspiration to have. I am sure many other amateur equestrians feel the same and writing this blog post encouraged me to dig out an old article from 2014 that I read on the subject of dressage whips featured on Dressage Today, that makes for great reading.

I ordered my Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip from Classic Dressage for £28.00, it arrived in a cardboard tube, perfectly protected. It would make an excellent Christmas gift for the dressage diva in your life.

Jessica and Oscar.


Dear Santa...Fall in Love With HiHo Silver

For my birthday this year I was lucky enough to receive the most beautiful equestrian gift that was 100% for me and not one to share with the horse. An exclusive sterling silver and rose gold, cherry roller snaffle bangle bracelet from HiHo Silver.

Unwrapping the purple box of perfection filled me with excitement, I knew my present was from HiHo Silver because of their trademark packaging...but didn't know what was inside.

I Immediately clipped the cherry roller snaffle bangle bracelet onto my wrist and it has rarely been taken off since. Dressed up or dressed down, it is the perfect accessory that any equestrian would fall in love with.

And, if a bangle isn't their thing. HiHo Silver have an exclusive range of equestrian jewellery, including necklaces, earrings and rings...prices range from £25 to hundreds, with something to suit every pocket.

Jessica and Oscar


Dear Santa - Hauke Schmidt Arabella Riding Gloves

As I walked past the Hauke Schmidt trade stand at the British Dressage National Championships, a pair of gold and brown Arabella riding gloves caught my eye, glimmering in the sunshine. I put my head down and hurried off to watch my dressage idols.

During an interval, I convinced myself that going back for a look wouldn't hurt. After all I am an adult and totally capable of looking without buying.

Will power - 0 : Jessica - 1

I was encouraged to try the pair of the Arabella riding gloves I had fallen for by the friendly faces on the Hauke Schmidt trade stand, they took the time to understand what gloves I currently wear and favour? What size I am and when I wear my gloves? They warned me if I chose the elegant Arabella glove that I must not wear them to muck out in, or during my yard chores - I chuckled to myself, with my OCD...there isn't any risk of that happening.

The Arabella riding gloves are made from the finest lamb skin leather, beautifully soft, lightweight and surprisingly thin, they hug the hand like a second skin. I dropped down a size from my normal 7.5 to a 7, the Lycra inserts above the knuckle area allowing all the movement I needed. The lamb skin leather of the Arabella riding gloves provides incredible grip, even in humid or wet conditions and available in black, brown, navy and white.

The Hauke Schmidt Arabella Riding Gloves are exceptional to wear and ride in. At £45 they aren't something I would have splurged at online for fear of them not being worth the price tag, therefore seeing and feeling the gloves at the British Dressage National Championships was the push I needed to buy into this innovative brand.

If the equestrian in your life never hops into the saddle without wearing gloves, I recommend splurging on a pair from the Hauke Schmidt range for them this Christmas. They won't which colour shall I have next?

Jessica and Oscar. 


Dear Santa...2017

Last year Gee Gee and Me's 'Dear Santa' Stocking Filler Guide featured five incredible products ranging from £5 > £20. I am really happy to say everything I featured went down a storm with my fellow equestrian friends and family on Christmas Day:

2017's Dear Santa focuses on our own stockings, featuring present ideas we would all love to wake up to on Christmas morning. Throughout November and December Gee Gee and Me will be a great place to send parents and partners looking for inspiration for the equestrian in their lives...

Jessica and Oscar.


LeMieux ProSport Boots Are Pretty in Plum

Plum is THE colour of Autumn/Winter '17 and LeMieux did it first. Pictured above is a throwback to November '16 with Oscar modelling the beautiful Plum ProSport Suede Square Dressage Pad and Bandages. An iconic 'Matchy Set' that continues to be a best seller for LeMieux, but what about the practicality of bandages come the Winter months that I declare as 'work boot season'? When my beautiful bandages are washed - into a tangled mess - and neatly re-rolled into their packages. Let out only for lessons and other such special occasions until Springtime and dryer days return. 

LeMieux understand this...they're horse people, real humans and have launched ProSport Support Boots in Plum and other classic LeMieux colours. Oscar and I were lucky enough to put these to the test...

The ProSport Support Boots are lightweight and flexible, allowing full movement whilst supporting the fetlock and tendon. They reminded me of memory foam, I could easily scrunch them in my hand and they'd slowly pop back into shape. Their fabric allows all round ventilation and prevents rubbing and sweat build up. 

Ideal for turnout (but far too beautiful) and perfect for schooling and competition. They're easily whipped on and off by three suede velcro tabs - beating the unwinding of soggy bandages, covered in ménage surface and look equally as smart as bandaged legs whilst providing equal if not better support.

A product recommended by many vets, Oscar has worked beautifully in them wearing medium on both his front and hind legs. They cost £34.50 per pair and you can buy them here.

Jessica & Oscar.


Training is my Therapy by Caldene

Hands up...who has invested in their Caldene Long Sleeved Training Top for winter? 

I love everything about them. From their price tag of £27.00 to the soft peached fabric and diamanté detail. Which is in your shopping basket? Training is my therapy or Paris, plaits & pirouettes...?

Maybe both!

Jessica & Oscar.


The Must Have Ede Top by Caldene

From the beautiful shade of plum, to the soft stretchy fabric that fits perfectly, equestrian clothing doesn't get much better than the Ede Top by Caldene. If I could recommend one item of rider wear to spend on for the autumn/winter season, this would be it.

The attention to detail of the Ede Top is something Caldene have to be proud of, a brand steeped in heritage and history. This top incorporates all of the brands values and is perfectly suited to riders of all disciplines.

From the pretty shade of plum to the flattering fit I mentioned above, the Ede Top is dressed in rose gold. The 1/4 zip at the neck, the crackled Caldene logo above a stunning ruched pattern at the back and the dashes on the sleeves framing the fabric change at the cuff. Leading to my favourite feature...thumb-holes! A luxury in cold weather, I find them so cosy and its certainly a feature I am drawn to when shopping for equestrian winter wear.

Finally the Ede Top is signed off with a pleather Caldene badge. All of these features allow us, as riders to perform to the highest standards, whilst remaining classically stylish.

All for £45, click here to buy yours...

Jessica and Oscar.


Caldene A/W '17 - Serina Silicone Knee Breeches

Jelly Legs is the fond nickname I have given to my collection of silicone knee breeches and the beautiful Serina's by Caldene are no exception. Often favouring them (Jelly Legs) to my trusted suede bottomed breeches. I couldn't wait to put Caldene's to the test!

The Serina Silicone Knee Breeches are made from a four way stretch fabric and offer a perfect, true to size fit. I have found them extremely comfortable to wear whilst hacking, schooling, grooming and mucking out. One of my favourite features is the close contact silver stretch cuff. Soft, elasticated and sleek under boots. I really dislike bulk, especially as Winter beckons and socks get thicker!

The technical fabric is water repellent, quick drying and wind proof. Complimented by ergonomic silicone (jelly) glitter knee patches, these provide optimum grip. The classic navy colour shines bright in the daylight, dressed with silver stitching and rose gold finishing touches. They're a thing of beauty and Caldene have created a high end product with an affordable £80 price tag.

To buy your Jelly Legs, click here

Jessica and Oscar


Caldene Look Book for Autumn Winter 2017

I remember wearing Caldene all of my life, it is a name I have grown up wearing. Especially their tweeds. Being a long, thin teenager I felt I never did the beautiful cut of their jackets the justice they deserved. Now I am an adult, I have the opposite concern and wonder how tight it will be come the showing and hunting seasons, when fill them a little too well!

A brand highly respected in all walks of the equestrian world, Caldene focus on delivering a clothing range for competitive and leisure riders alike. Successfully incorporating the latest technology you would expect from a prestige, modern brand without the crazy price tag - that limits you to one item per season - because of this I am so excited to launch an Autumn/Winter 2017 Look Book sharing our favourite pieces from the Caldene collection.

Spring and Summer 2017 saw 'Showjumping, Shopping and Spa Days'...what will Autumn and Winter 2017 bring...? Like Gee Gee and Me on Facebook to find out.

Jessica and Oscar



Midnight Blue by LeMieux

A 'Top Secret' parcel arrived one week before the LeMieux National Dressage Championships with a polite notice not to share with the world before the event! That evening, I dimmed the lights and kitten and I unwrapped the LeMieux ProSport Suede Square, Bandages and Fly Veil in Midnight Blue as if we were Sherlock Holmes and Watson.

Just like the midnight sky, this colour changes to its surroundings.
Sometimes bright blue, like above in the morning light of my kitchen.
Other times a stormy deep petrol blue in the evening hue.

Those who follow Gee Gee and Me will know we advocate the classic LeMieux saddle pads. Leading the way in style and comfort they have become iconic to the brand. Read why here in my full review of Plum from November 2016.

Autumn/Winter 2017 welcomes the luxury colours of Caramel and Midnight Blue. I can't wait to play dress up with Oscar and see how smart he looks in this rich, dreamy night sky colour.

Jessica & Oscar


A Thank You Note to Leroy and Bongo

To write a thank you note is one of my favourite things to do. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to get out my pretty note cards and poshest pen to personally express my humble thank you's.

My heart did a little flip when I received the stylish pink, blue and grey note cards from Leroy and Bongo. Their stylish note cards are equally as suitable for the equine obsessed and those that are not in your life.

Produced on beautiful card, your ink cartridge is guaranteed not to bleed. With every last detail perfected, right down to the matching self-seal envelopes.

A must have for every home - available here.

Jessica and Oscar 


Nifty Pet Equine Sunblock and Aftersun Scores in Summer Sun

Once again I find Oscar having better skin care products than me, as this Summer he has been trialling and testing Nifty Pet Equine Sunblock and Aftersun. We've had some seriously hot days and like humans some horses are more sensitive to sun than others. We wouldn't leave our own skin unprotected on such days, so why would our equines pink bits be any different...?

The 'Nifty Pet' range is by Ruffle Snuffle, a British brand who made Oscar's beloved Stable Pop Horse Ball. Created by Sarah White, an animal behaviourist and trainer who is passionate about positive reinforcement. It is clear that all creatures great and small are at the heart of her range.

Nifty Pet Equine Sunblock overcomes all the application challenges I usually have when using sunscreen on Oscar. Containing a sponge - resembling a make up applicator - once dampened and dipped into the 100% mineral powder sunblock, it forms a paste. Designed to be applied to unpigmented skin, it is safe for use on eyes, noses and genitals providing UVA and UVB protection. Containing zero grease, chemicals or fragrance it is safe to lick and won't irritate or inflame the skin. This unique application method has been proven over the last few months, it clings to the natural oils in the skin. Still on hours later when I return to the yard and perfect on competition days because it whitens and brightens the skin, ideal for greys like Oscar!

Safe to be applied £4.95 I'll be purchasing another pot in 2018!

Whether you missed a bit...or it's the end of a long hot day the Nifty Pet Equine Aftersun is a wonderfully soothing gel. Safe for equine use, on more than one occasion I have wanted to massage into my shoulders too! Created using aloe vera and seaweed extract for their antioxidant properties and lavender essential oils for healing and calming effects. Applied with your fingertips, once massaged into the skin it is quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky residue and smells heavenly!

Ruffle Snuffle recommend dipping the Sunblock sponge into the Aftersun prior to the mineral powder to offer a 2 in 1 aftersun with sunblock - £3.95 for 100ml a perfect product for your equine health box.

Here is to an Indian Summer...

Jessica & Oscar


LeMieux Schooling Boots Branded The Best by Mr Hester

Who doesn't love schooling boots? Especially when they're as smart as LeMieux's latest release. A purpose built boot, contoured to fit equine joints and tendons. With a polycarbonate strike proof shell that is integrated between shock absorbent lining.

Highly practical, they're quick and easy to whip on and off and totally up for the job. Be that training at home or in the competition warm up. Proven to withstand the demands of lateral work, they're a must have for dressage riders. Don't believe me...ask Mr Hester himself!

"The best schooling boots I've ever
put on my horses"
Carl Hester

1 moulds...2 flexes...3 supports...

The science is covered up by a leather outer shell, available in black and white. Trust me you'll want both and fastening securely with Velcro tabs. Like a magnet, they mould to the leg, strong and flexible they're up to the job, never restricting the movement. Once the work is over, any surface dirt can be easily wiped clean to return them to their original splendour.

Already a tack room treasure for Gee Gee and Me...with a white competition set on our wishlist.
Available from - £39.95 for two.

Jessica & Oscar


Beautiful Bespoke and Personal

My Horse Box are the best at seeking out the hidden treasures our equine world has to offer. Inside the subscription box from December I unwrapped a delightful dandy brush. March, a beautiful body brush and for June, a perfect mane and tail comb. 

Each lovingly hand crafted by Bespoke & Personal just for My Horse Box subscribers, they’re really special and it is about time Gee Gee and Me shared one of them!

The mane and tail pulling comb included in June’s 'Show Ready' themed box is of superior quality. The thin comb has metal teeth, which I love because I find the thin combs easier to work with, wrap the hair around and hold. The handle is hand graved and made from high quality wood – as all the brushes have been - with the My Horse Box horse logo.

For the equestrians who choose not to pull their horses’ mane/tail, the Bespoke & Personal comb is perfect for taming tangles, loosening any old hair and separating sections before plaiting up which is exactly how I used it last weekend. The comb gave me precise lines and was the perfect length to measure my plaits by.

My Horse Box will feature their next Bespoke & Personal grooming brush in September’s box...what will it be...?

Jessica & Oscar


The Rhino Plus 0g Turnout Rug Review

This weekend Oscar and I boxed up for a ride around a magical woodland nearby. I parked up to glorious sunshine, the tack went on and off we went. Twenty minutes in the wind picked up, whistling through the trees. Oscar began to spook as the leaves whipped up around him and I tried to convince us both the distant rumble of thunder was a noisy aeroplane. This was until the flashes of lightening were too real to deny!

Be brave I mumbled as huge raindrops began to thunder on my helmet. I started to sing. After all, nobody but Oscar and the Gods could hear me and Oscar is used to my nervous vocals. "I'm singing in the rain...just singing in the rain, there ain't no rumbles of thunder, please the sun come out again....". This unique rendition lasted thirty minutes as Oscar repeatedly tried to make up his own dance moves by throwing his bottom to the storm and I curled up in the saddle wondering how I would explain my 'fun' weekend to non-horsey colleagues at work?

Thankfully, it passed and we lived to tell the tale. The sun even came out for the latter half of our adventure. Now the above doesn't relate to Oscar's fabulous Rhino Plus Turnout Rug but it is an example of how crazy the weather can and has been recently here in the UK. Rugs need to be technical enough to deal with ever changing conditions and nothing beats Horseware.

The video attached shares the first wear of the rug, early May 2017.

The Rhino Plus is a 0g lightweight turnout rug. The outer layer of 1000 denier polypropylene is a strong barrier which protects the waterproofing and breath ability of the rug. Put to the test, even in the most torrential of downpours Oscar has remained comfortable and dry without overheating when the sun made its reappearance after the storm.

The Rhino Plus also features a Surefit Neck design with a V-front closure to give freedom of movement when grazing. Designed with the horse in mind throughout there are leg arches, reflective strips and liner hoops for when the temperature turns and added layers are required.

The Rhino Plus even helps you to work smarter, not harder because of the shine enhancing polyester lining - this is also anti-static and anti-bacterial too. For those in between days a detachable hood is included in the price.

There is no denying the Rhino Plus rug is in the 'splurge' price range between £160-£190 retailer dependant, the price is justified to have a 0g rug that is 100% waterproof and not just 'light-shower proof' as too many are. Having a grey horse, there are times I need and want to keep him as clean as possible and rugs go a long way in making my life easier.

Now please no more rain until winter...

Jessica & Oscar.


LeMieux Pro Touch Performance Riding Glove

Riding without wearing gloves would be like riding without shoes, I just don't do it. I know plenty of beautiful and talented riders who detest the feeling of them but I am not in their club. I agree however that wearing the wrong gloves can affect your 'feel' and therefore quality, good fitting ones are a must. When I get a good pair, I wear them until they have holes in and buy them in every colour!

My latest pair are the Pro Touch Performance Riding Glove by LeMieux, seriously well designed, I've ridden in nothing else since they arrived from Horse Health HQ!

Beautifully soft, they fit like a second skin and have an excellent size guide here - I am a size 7.5 and wear a Medium in Navy. The finger tips are re-enforced to avoid finger nails wearing through the finger ends - a common glove complaint. Silicone grip points lay in between the fingers and over the index finger where the reins pass over, my favourite feature because it provides so much rein security. I am certain my horse loves the consistency this provides too.

The Pro Touch Performance Riding Gloves have a smart appearance. The upper hand has a mesh fabric that allows ventilation and moisture control with an easy stretch so hands can stay relaxed. Fastening around the wrist with a velcro tab. I have worn on the hottest of Summer days and LeMieux have successfully designed a lightweight, yet durable riding glove.

Now I need in black, brown and yours for £19.96 here.

Equimins Leather Soap Spray Gets 10/10

A leather cleaning product and sponge live on the same shelf as my riding boots, hat and whip in the tack room, opposite my saddle and bridle. I am convinced this is the secret to good habits; yes I am that rider who wipes over my tack nine out of ten times after I have ridden. This way it is never a big job the night before an event and my leather looks great for it!

I get through a leather cleaning product (and usually a sponge too) every six months, a little goes a long way and I am always excited to try a new product. With thanks to Haynet May saw the arrival of Equimins Leather Spray Soap on the tack room shelf.

After my first use all I could think was “wow, a spray really is so much easier to use” because my last leather cleaning product was a balm and although great, impossible to apply without getting greasy hands. The Equimins Leather Spray Soap being the opposite, clean, convenient and easy to use.

Equimins Leather Spray Soap comes in a 500ml bottle that feels durable and yard friendly with a sturdy spray nozzle. One spritz provides enough soap to evenly wipe over my whole bridle, with boots and saddle only taking a couple more.

I have used on my old Ariat Bromont boots to my new Kate Negus bridle and all leathers in between, with the old and the new being pliable and soft with a rich shine and beautiful finish after just a quick wipe clean, at £6.95 it is one of my favourites.

A 10/10 from Gee Gee and Me.

Jessica and Oscar
Haynet, Cream of the Crop Bloggers.


PINK Hoof Clay by Ecohoof

As many of you know a change in Oscar’s lifestyle led me to explore the benefits of going barefoot. Once I had committed to the change I felt I had been given a new pair of eyes when looking and thinking about equine hoof care. 

The months before the metal came off I prepped and polished like never before. Learning day by day with a heightened awareness of the products I choose to use, their ingredients and the effect they have on our equines.

Naturally this meant love at first sight for Gee Gee and Me and Ecohoof’s Pink Hoof Clay in May’s ‘Go Green’ My Horse Box. The exciting collaboration saw the release of a 250ml Limited Edition tub of the magical Pink Hoof Clay.

The clay can be painted onto the hoof, sole, white line area and frog acting as a barrier to infection and once dry acts as a poultice staying in place for 12 hours, before naturally flaking off and degrading into the ground. 100% natural, eco-friendly and full of essential oils, it smells good enough to eat – but please don’t – and gives hooves a pretty pink glow. I have been generously packing it onto Oscar’s frogs and they look healthier than ever and both his shod and bare foot hooves are thriving on it. 

However it became most useful a couple of weeks ago when Oscar ripped a front shoe, taking half of his hoof with it! I had a lesson booked that evening and was almost tempted to remove the other and begin the rehabilitation of his fronts against my plans of waiting for Autumn. After another coffee, I began to think rationally and decided to pack the crater with the Pink Hoof Clay. I have continued to do this, even once the shoe has been reapplied and thankfully although not a lot of hoof is left on one side, the shoe has stayed put and the damage hasn't spread.

One of my all time favourites from My Horse Box – thank you for discovering it.
If you missed out on May’s Go Green you can purchase a 500ml tub here.

Jessica and Oscar.