MacWet Long Cuff Climatec Sports Glove Review

Throwback to January 2015 and I published a wish list that included MacWet gloves, I didn't end up ticking them off the list until twelve months later in early 2016. The weather must have been cold when I purchased my MacWet's because I opted for the Long Cuff Climatec Sports Glove, designed to protect our hands from the elements and whilst well used during the cold, dark months of 2016 they have been lovingly stored away for Summer only making their reappearance in the last couple of weeks as the weather has turned.

And it was on a recent trip to the gallops that I felt their worth...I woke up to a beautiful Autumnal morning, the sun was shining, the countryside glittered in the frost, I excitedly hitched up my trailer, Oscar bounced on board and it was only when I turned out the driveway, that's some frost and drove extra carefully on the short journey to our destination.

I arrived, well prepared in my base layers and soft shell breeches, thankful I had packed my MacWet Long Cuff Climatec Gloves, the superior sizing means they fit like a second skin, the long cuff allows the glove to cover the whole hand and the elasticated cuff snugly closes around the wrist, keeping out any chills. The fabric, Aquatec ensures superb grip and sensitivity combined with Climatec to offer increased warmth and comfort meaning they're wind proof, water resistant and fleece lined. This combination equals warm, toasty hands, whether you're galloping in zero degrees temperatures or into driving rain! 

The MacWet mission statement of "all grip, no slip" fabulously represents the gloves and I'd now love to try out more styles from the brand.
£29.99 rrp
Available in brown/black/green/navy.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx


Haynet Cream Of The Crop Club

Gee Gee and Me were honored when we recently received an invitation to Haynet's Cream Of The Crop Club, an exclusive membership that will introduce Gee Gee and Me to new equestrian businesses. 

This is an incredibly exciting prospect because I am passionate about discovering new equestrian brands, products and services, putting them through their paces and honestly sharing both mine and Oscar's experiences...even the bad ones!

The Cream Of The Crop badge is now proudly displayed on our page and in order to be transparent when we receive an invitation from Haynet to review and write about an equestrian brand, product or service as part of our membership, I will share the badge clearly so you know the source. 

Haynet, Gee Gee and Me are ready....

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx


LeMieux ProSport Lustre Dressage Square & Polo Bandages Review

Yesterday was officially named Monday Plumday, I treated Oscar and I to an indoor arena hire complete with dressage boards, we had an awesome time and it was the first opportunity I'd had to play dress up in our gorgeous new LeMieux ProSport Lustre Dressage Square and Polo Bandages...I think you'll all agree Oscar looks wonderful in plum.

Regular readers may remember I reviewed the LeMieux ProSport Dressage Pad on Gee Gee and Me back in September 2015, I featured my lucky white dressage square that I have owned for over three years, it's well washed and a much loved piece of my competition kit and this is the pad that started my collection of LeMieux, plum will be my twelfth pad with almost as many Polo Bandages to match - thankfully, as the saying can never have too much of a good thing.

LeMieux Matchy Matchy has established itself very quickly in a hugely competitive market and the LeMieux ProSport Lustre Dressage Squares and Polo Bandages have become somewhat iconic with their deliciously rich range of colours and strong reputation of having thought of everything. 

Oscar (purchased for his hardy breed as a pure Connemara) has hugely sensitive skin therefore anything I place him in has to be super soft and the bamboo lining on the LeMieux ProSport Lustre Dressage Square is exceptional, with a feel similar to that of cashmere or silk, they're breathable and cool to wear with natural wicking, deodorization and anti-microbial properties to ward off fungi! 

Now I've covered the important inner features, lets talk about the fun stuff, the beautiful outer suede fabric that brings the colour to life adding a delicious richness to the plums, blueberries, coral reds and more, plus sensibly reducing any movement of the pad too. The shape of the square is carefully made and designed to fit a multitude of horses, including those of high wither and has elasticated D-Ring tabs to suit both double and mono flap saddles without the need for any tab DIY - hands up who has unpicked the tabs on their pad or cut them down to D-Ring size...I am not the only one! The girth area as always is finished with LeMieux's signature girth protection area, preventing wear and a look of untidiness.

And they wash well! I haven't yet washed plum but owning twelve (blushes), they're regularly thrown into the wash and although take a little time to try they come out exquisite, even after numerous washes.

The sizes are small/medium and large, Oscar wears large at 15hh, I love the fit on him and I am delighted that LeMieux offer smaller sizes too, nothing cuter than mini-matchy. 

The LeMieux Polo Bandages are a superior match to the colour of the Lustre Dressage Square - something not all brands successfully achieve - they too are rich in colour and luxurious, made from a high quality fleece. Due to their length of 3.8 metres Oscar doesn't require any further padding underneath - however on a larger horse LeMieux liners can be added. Unfortunately our arena hire excursion coincided with Oscar's move to his Winter grazing paddock...cue luminous running green poo and in the excitement of the new venue managed to spray this down the back of his new plum bandages, meaning they went straight into the wash as soon as we arrive home. They lost zero colour, washed beautifully without stretching or bobbling and look brand new again. 

Finally, the price...if you're not familiar with the world of Dressage matchy, a pad of less quality can easily cost in excess of £60 with bandages at over £40 - yes it can be eye watering - the featured LeMieux Plum Matchy pad is priced at £39.95 and bandages £22.50 greatly competitive - please keep the new colours coming LeMieux...

I could write all day with superlatives about LeMieux's outstanding range of Matchy Matchy however I think you've gathered I am a tremendous fan.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx


LeMieux Hay Tidy - Hay Bag Review

LeMieux are hugely proud of their Hay Tidy Hay Bag naming it the most effective, versatile, easy to use high quality hay bag on the market and I agree, they've got this one right. Designed to reduce waste and mess it does exactly that, this is now an essential for when we travel because I am that person who keeps a dust pan and brush in my trailer...I like everything to be immaculate. Likewise when we park up at a show, I always like to leave the area as I found it and the Hay Bag definitely reduces mess. 

When travelling I can often take two haynets or if for example I am going to the vets and have a haynet I don't want him to eat until we're on route home my usual routine would be to place a haynet in a tub trugg and store this in my trailer thus reducing the mess but the Hay Tidy Hay Bag takes away this requirement and can be stored neatly away until needed - genius invention!

The Hay Tidy Hay Bag has a reinforced stitched feeding panel and can stand up to the most enthusiastic horse, so do not fear, it won't fall apart. Oscar had the opposite problem and spooked at first when the bag quietly rustled as he pulled his hay out but soon gained his confidence and happily munched away.

The Hay Tidy Hay Bag is huge with a large opening so easy to fill, once full it closes with an adjustable strap for height and an easy clip, this made it simple to tie up and maneuver and in addition has an extra loop at the back, this would secure the bag from being pulled forward as much, or when travelling will stop it twisting around meaning no risk of them being left hayless.

RRP £16.96
Thank you

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx


Keeping Up With The Unicorns...Hands On Grooming Gloves

Horse Health must know Oscar and I well because they didn't just include Matchy Matchy in my LeMieux Bloggers parcel....oh no, there was a Hay Tidy Bag to calm my OCD, helping keep my trailer and area tidy whilst away at shows and a grooming product...maybe they're fans of our 'Keeping Up With The Unicorns' series?

I was ecstatic to receive the Hands On Grooming Gloves an item already on my 'wish list' and my goodness they're the best thing ever! They feel and fit as well as riding gloves with a velcro wrist tab - I wear a size 7.5 in gloves and medium Hands On Grooming Gloves are a perfect fit - they have rubber scrubbing nodules on the fingers and palms and as any loving parent would I tried them on my own arm first, with the right amount of pressure the sensation felt divine, I couldn't wait to try them on Oscar!

The Hands On Grooming Gloves are a revolutionary concept that go far beyond the traditional curry combs, mitts and scrubbers on the market...they can be used wet or dry, will not slip or fall off whilst providing an incredible grooming experience that massage muscles, stimulates circulation and being sold in pairs means both hands can be used simultaneously to groom, especially helpful when using the gloves wet. Although not the right time of year, I wish I'd had these in my grooming box at the end of Summer because they'll be an awesome de-shedder, instead they did a super job of bringing out the scurf in Oscar's coat as he is yet to be clipped for Winter.

I have used the gloves wet to wash Oscar's mane and tail with hot water, I applied shampoo directly to the gloves, massaged into a luscious lather. They gave him a super clean were easy to dip in and out the water and scrap the soapy suds away using the side of my hand in the glove. The Hands On Grooming Gloves dried well and kept their shape and since have used dry every day, because the rubber nodules are on the fingers as well as the palm I can rub mud away from his ears, face and sensitive areas without Oscar turning into a toddler thinking his mum is trying to wipe his face with a licked tissue...or did I mean girafffe? 

And finally...they keep my hands and nails pristine, my four weekly Calgel manicure is one of the few luxuries I allow myself and the gloves did a super job of protecting them, my manicurist will be happy.


Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx


LeMieux Loveliness Week

Last month Horse Health called out to all equestrian bloggers as they launched their campaign to find a select few equine obsessed riders in dressage, showjumping, eventing and showing to showcase LeMieux like nobody else. 

Already advocates of Horse Health and LeMieux, Gee Gee and Me jumped at the wonderful opportunity and from the hundreds of applicants I am super proud to have been shortlisted for an official title - pick me, pick me!!

"LeMieux Loveliness Week" has been declared here at Gee Gee and Me HQ because that's all you're going to see on my Blogspot, Facebook, Twitter, Intsagram, YouTube...Periscope, so if you haven't already, prepare to fall in love with

What was in my parcel...??
  • Hands On Grooming Gloves
  • LeMieux Hay Tidy - Hay Bag
  • LeMieux ProSport Dressage Square Suede - Plum
  • LeMieux ProSport Polo Bandages - Plum
  • LeMieux ProSport Signature Fly Hood - Plum

Oscar and I are so excited, let the gorgeousness commence...

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx


Diamond Horsewear, it's time to SPARKLE

A dazzling browband is something every pampered pony dreams of and I am excited to share Oscar's latest accessory with you all. A unique browband made of five sparkly rows of diamontes, sky and royal blue with gold from the gorgeous Diamond Horseware, whom Oscar and I are proud to be brand ambassadors for.

The browband cost £25 and would make a perfect Christmas gift - even if it is to yourself - comes in black and brown leather with a range of sizes, Oscar wears cob, the fit is perfect and the quality of the sparkles is outstanding...we're already planning our next...

Thanks for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx


EQU StreamZ Review

My Facebook page has touched on this subject more so than my blog as I haven't felt ready, or wanted to write about Oscar's recent however our wonderful vet confirmed Oscar is sound both in straight lines and on the lunge and my heart is singing with joy!!

Oscar suddenly went lame, only noticeable by a slight nod in trot...abscess, bruise, has he banged or knocked himself, no cuts, heat or scent to indicate why meant a visit to Oakham Veterinary Hospital in Rutland where he was diagnosed with some arthritic changes.

As any devoted horse owner would - alongside following all veterinary advise - I researched and researched and researched to decide what I could invest in that might improve the flair up to reduce the inflammation and ensure he was as comfortable as possible, one of the chosen products was a pair of EQU SteamZ bands.

As soon as I clicked 'SHARE' on the first picture of my EQU StreamZ bands I was inundated with enquiries;  do they work? what do they do? have they helped Oscar? how have they helped him? and I had to reply with the honest answer "I don't yet know"...that was back in September and now I am happy to share my thoughts after almost 24/7 wear since.

Firstly I will cover off why I was drawn to StreamZ Global Technology, it was born from the desire of an inventor seeking a way to reduce his wife's chronic migraine headaches and thereafter discovered the technology could also relieve pain associated with everything from arthritis to multiple sclerosis, improving general wellbeing, creating health benefits such as reduction in inflammation. Thankfully StreamZ Global expanded their range to support horses and dogs in addition to us humans.

StreamZ products contain a mixture of natural rubbers and compounds that are unique and differ greatly from the more traditionally used magnetic pulsing devices and hologram ion balancers. StreamZ bands, although containing a magnetic field do not create a pulsing effect but instead introduce a new technique in magnetic therapy named magnetic resonance technology, instead of pulsing, Steamz spin.

I applied the EQU StreamZ bands soon after Oscar's first veterinary appointment, worn around his pastern, because this is the first arthritic flair up Oscar has ever shown signs of he was medicated with an anti-inflammatory drug and field rest, so his bands were worn 24/7. There is a warning for grey horses with some showing sensitivity to the durable neoprene outer band material, I removed the bands and reapplied them twice a day and experienced no skin reactions.

Oscar's second veterinary appointment saw the medication of his joint, this meant box rest for at least 48 hours afterwards, an ask for a horses legs when his normal routine is to live out almost 24/7 (unless in Winter months) and his legs remained unfilled and comfortable whereas a slight puffiness would have been normal for him under these circumstances. This time I had placed the bands around his fetlocks to avoid irritating the medicated area and again had no skin sensitivity.

Oscar has worn his EQU SteamZ bands 100% throughout his recovery and I've only recently started removing them as his work increases so not to damage them as they're not recommended to be worn during work. Today our vet was elated with Oscar's progress and he is feeling on top of the world, showing me how supple he has remained during his time off by pulling various moves when all I want is for him to trot calmly. 

Watch until the end...

I believe EQU StreamZ have aided Oscar's rehabilitation and as arthritis will always be present the bands will be a permanent part of our lifestyle in managing his condition. 

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx