My Mojo Wristband

For years I have been familiar with the brand Mojo Wristbands/Mojo Future Tech, their trade stands are ever present at equestrian events and the technology is worn by my idols as they gallop, jump and piaffe past - I never see William Fox-Pitt without his - and as the day drew to a close on the only beautifully sunny day of the Hickstead Derby in June, I found myself free of shopping bags and decided to fulfill my duty as an equine  blogger and venture into the Mojo tent!

I was that, why, when, what?? 

Mojo Future Tech products are designed to help fine tune your body, making use of naturally occurring frequencies by harnessing holographic technology that is inserted into the rubber of the bracelets. Mojo wristbands do not claim to cure-all and the technology won't work for everyone but there is plenty of positive feedback reporting improvements in strength, balance and flexibility. 

Actions speak louder than words and although I can't give you hardened facts or scientific evidence, I can say that I haven't taken my Mojo wristband off since Hickstead. Personally for me I feel it's a placebo effect, because I believe my Mojo wristband makes a difference especially with my balance, it does and that's enough for me to reap the benefits.

I'd encourage everyone to visit the Mojo Future Tech stand when visiting equestrian/sporting events as the team offer excellent demonstrations and that was enough for me to see something beneficial and I haven't regretted handing over my £30.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx


Keeping Up With The Unicorns - Supreme Products Blue Shampoo

All BFF's of sparkling unicorns will agree that it's only natural to be drawn towards a blue shampoo - and, every other equine grooming product on the market - meaning Oscar's range of beauty products far exceeds that of my own. 

Top Tip - super squidgy car wash sponge from Asda 

My most recent splurge was the Blue Shampoo by Supreme Products, at £9.99 for a 500ml bottle it's one of our more expensive purchases but curiosity got the better of me and as always before I knew it I was at the checkout handing over my cash. Formulated originally to enhance the colour of grey and white coats, this concentrated blue shampoo claims to also works effectively on all coat colours promoting depth and definition without the risk of staining - however I can only speak for it's results on grey hair.

The Supreme Products Blue Shampoo made Oscar's coat gleam in the sunshine after just one bath, it gave more shine than any other shampoo I have used before - and trust me, we've experimented - it smelt good and was kind to his skin. The optical brighteners definitely have whitening power but I had to use a hell of a lot to get it to lather up into blue bubbles - as always I used warm water, I don't believed you'll get a coat clean without hot water.

Although I had to use a lot of product I put the Supreme Products Blue Shampoo to the ultimate test and left Oscar rug-less for a whole week whilst I jetted off on my holidays...upon return the dust, dirt and grease had really worked their way into his coat and the product coped beautifully, I left for 5 minutes once lathered up, then had to rinse twice as Oscar had a blue glow after just one wash off.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx