Charlotte Dujardin Thea Jacket

I couldn't be more excited when Kingsland launched their Dressage by Charlotte Dujardin clothing range!! Both Charlotte and Kingsland are two of my biggest loves in our equestrian world and I couldn't wait to order their first two releases; the Thea jacket and ISA training shirt!

Today I wanted to share the Thea jacket on Gee Gee and Me because from the moment it arrived, it's become my second skin.

The Thea jacket is a super smart black fitted fleece with a soft shell outer layer at the front, this shields the body from the cold and protects against dirt - including hay from sticking to us...why does hay love fleece so? - and is fully breathable. I confidently ordered a size small (I am an 8-10 and comfortably fit in this size from Kingsland) and when the Thea jacket arrived I was in two minds whether to change it for a medium, I expected more of a 'jacket' as per the title but it would be better described as a close fitting fleece...once I'd gotten over the fact I couldn't wear any bulk underneath it, it instantly grew on me. The Thea is snug to my skin, it does a fabulous job of keeping out any drafts and wraps around my body helping to keep the heat in and we all know, it wouldn't be Kingsland if it didn't have a beautiful design. The Thea jacket is professionally presented in black with silver stitching, Kingsland logo and decorated with sparkly CD initials.

I wear the Thea jacket to train in, to hack out in under my coat and whilst doing yard chores, it's lightweight, comfortable and all importantly keeps me warm. I have often's far too smart to be doing this in, but in reality it's performance is so perfect for me that it outweighs my vanity of wanting it kept pristine. 
My only criticism with the Thea are it's washing instructions...the list of DO NOT's is a little overwhelming, but once I focused on the DO's it washed wonderfully and came sparkling!

A little dark but worn jumping on Thursday and super comfortable in all disciplines

I ordered my Thea jacket from the Tack and All That Facebook Page and it retails at; £79. I can't wait to see Charlotte's 2016 Kingsland Collection...I don't think my bank balance will be as enthusiastic as I....

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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