Farewell Fabulous 2015

I have just returned from my last ride of 2015 and had a truly exhilarating time, giggling as we galloped across muddy fields in beautiful sunshine, I can only wish 2016 will bring as much happiness with my best friend Oscar pony.

Nothing a little hibiscrub, blue shampoo and saddle soap can't solve...

Thank you if you've taken the time to read Gee Gee and Me, writing is my indoor hobby and I have had some superb horsey Christmas gifts I can't wait to try out and share with you to keep the smiles on our faces through the long and dark January ahead!

Oscar and I wish you all good health, love, laughter and joy in 2016


Unicorns Don't Sweat. They Glow - Wolseley Hunter Clippers Review

Although it is a proven fact Unicorns don't sweat, they glow...glowing can have similar adverse effects, such as overheating or becoming chilled when waiting to dry in cold weather and therefore clipping of Winter coats should be considered. The benefits of this are for a quicker drying horse after exercise, being washed off or bathed, also making grooming easier, a more comfortable horse when being exercised, whilst ensuring condition is maintained and not lost through excessive sweating....sorry, glowing! And although I would never clip a horse for this sole reason, it maintains a smart appearance.

Every horse is different and there are many traditional clips to choose from dependant on your circumstances, things to consider to help you decide are; type of horse - how much do they "glow", do they feel the cold, what level of work is your horse currently in and is this likely to alter as Winter sets in, is your horse stabled, can you commit to effective rug management - and do you have enough rugs for the changing weather are just a few key questions to ask yourself?

Opinions on when to clip your horse vary and I believe the best thing to do is treat your fury friend as an individual...the general rule is to start clipping towards the end of September and continue as and when required until the last clip no later than mid-January. However some competition horses are clipped year round and elderly or hairy native types may appreciate a haircut during the height of Summer. It's courses for horses...

At the beginning of my first Winter with Oscar, we started out with an Irish clip, my view was I could take more off but couldn't stick it back on! As time has gone on, Oscar's wardrobe has grown 
(considerably) and we've learnt more about one another, I now choose a Hunter clip. Oscar is a busy bee in Autumn, I don't want him to catch a chill and it means I can hot cloth sweat off and shampoo his mane weekly without facing a dilemma of how to get him, anyone?

A useful Horse and Hound YouTube video from a professional yard of how to get started:

I have been asked on more than one occasion if I have white mud, I'm afraid not, keeping a grey horse sparkling takes commitment and hard work! Here is Oscar looking grubby prior to his clip last week, I always mark out his clip pattern using chalk and measure the length of my lines using a snipped piece of bailer twine and tie his mane and tail in rough plaits to keep them out of the way!

He'll hate me for sharing this one, how Unicorns look on their day off...

The first time I clipped Oscar's face I lost him, he slipped out of his head collar in the blink of an eye and ran for the hills...for the remaining season kept his face tidy using my Wolseley Skylark Trimmer - my saviour! Three years later Oscar has a clean shaven face, ears included, that he stands completely still for me to clip, without a head collar in sight...a process that has taken equal amounts of time and apple cuttings.

When purchasing my own clippers I chose the Wolseley brand because of their specialist reputation and the success I have using their Skylark Trimmer, they were a present and I trust the buyers research that led them to the Hunter Clippers;

  • Size - they're slim and easy for me to hold and twist around as I clip, they're also lightweight enough for me not to notice if I've been holding them for an hour and have a loop for your wrist in the event of an accident so they don't drop onto the floor
  • Sound - they aren't the quietest clippers I have ever used but certainly not loud

  • Vibration/Movement - the Wolseley Hunter Clippers have a powerful motor enabling them to clip even the most challenging of coats effortlessly, they're very still in the hand and lay flat and even across the coat
  • Heat - very little, the ventilation system is excellent, helping them remain cool when in use
  • Battery - they're powered by mains electric therefore an extension lead and circuit break is required, they have a useful 4 metre length of cable
  • Blades - I use A2 blades, I get three, maximum four smart hunter clips before they require re sharpening for a cost of £10 
  • Cost - £296.40 direct from Wolseley
  • Storage - they arrive in a sturdy red case complete with blades ready to use, clipper oil and a clipper brush to keep them in superb condition

I hope this post has helped you decide whether the Wolseley Hunter Clippers could suit you and your horses, I love mine and will shortly be using them again for Oscar's fourth clip of Winter...

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx