Thermatex Quarter Rug

The beginning of November could have easily been mistaken for Springtime here in the UK, we basked in beautiful sunshine and there was a warmth to the air. Met Office records show it was on average 3.8 degrees celcius higher than normal, proving to be the second warmest since records began in 1772 - love a geeky weather fact.

As November progressed the warmth remained but the sunshine turned to cloud and rain, and I doubt I am alone in saying I have been longing for a crisp Autumnal morning when our fields sparkle like a harvest of diamonds in the sunshine. 

And did I get more than I bargained for on Saturday morning when I woke up to SNOW! Thankfully, it was only a sprinkling and the UK didn't grind to a halt but each day since for me, the world has glittered, meaning my Prince's bottom warmer finally came out to play.

Almost twelve months ago I wrote a Wish List...I have been fortunate enough to tick two things off of it during 2015, one being a Thermatex Quarter Rug. I already had a general fleece exercise sheet that is perfect for wearing on a hack, it is one of those that goes under my saddle flap, the only downside being when I have to remove it amid a schooling session...I have been mistaken for doing an around the world pony club movement, legs and velcro everywhere! 

The Thermatex Quarter Rug takes away that inconvenience as it has two velcro tabs that attach to either the girth strap or the stirrup leather hole, whichever suits your saddle best, both are easily accessible when riding to simply whip off unaided.

It is of course made from the quality Thermatex fabric, a high performance wool and acrylic blend to wick away moisture and insulate, each one is hand cut and you're able to choose from 22 colours, with several binding options and the additon of embroidery! If that doesn't excite you, I don't know what will!

I chose a navy sheet, single binding in white and my initials JJC embroidered with an accompanying navy and white fillet string. I am mesmerised by it, it is even more perfect than I imagined, super lightweight and keeps Oscar at the perfect temperature when I am warming up and cooling down, I can grab it myself off the gate without any fuss!

So now you all want one - Dear Santa - let's talk about  sizing, typically with Thermatex products you go down a size due to the nature of the material however the same recommendation isn't made with their quarter rugs and I bought true to size a 6'0" rug = 4'6" exercise rug. Below is the chart taken from their website if you're unsure:
Prices start from £55.95.

Rug Size

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx


Gee Gee and Me launch on Facebook

Since the launch of Gee Gee and Me in December 2013 I have tussled with the idea of a Facebook page. I write purely for fun, it's a hobby that I love and therefore lacked courage to "go public" so to's almost like putting your company on the stock exchange, please be kind...
The push that I needed came from Diamond Equestrian, in October they were kind enough to announce Oscar and I as brand ambassadors, giving me a huge sense of pride and a great excuse to share a little more about our journey, dreams and aspirations. I usually fill my personal Facebook with this, much to the bemusement of my "non-horsey" friends, so it also enables me to give them a break and diversify my blog, alongside my tried and tested I will be sharing news of our adventures and happiness, I'd love you to be part of it...please LIKE our page, Gee Gee and Me.

As always,
Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx


A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Ariats....Bromont Tall H20

20th May 2013 I tweeted a picture of my feet, one foot was naked, the other sported an Ariat Bromont Tall H20 boot in brown...from this day forward they were on my wishlist and when I finally got my Ariat Bromont boots they were so beautiful I only wore them occasionally - to the odd show or lesson and once home they were quickly polished and packed away. 

I found my Ariat Bromont boots pinched the back of my knee slightly and decided to wear them when schooling at home to help make competition outings more comfortable, as the leather of the boots needed to drop slightly. All I wonder is what took me so long to make this decision...? My Ariat Bromonts are now all I ride in, they have all the superlatives of the Ariat Jodphur boot but give me such a secure feel, with less bulk than my boots and chaps. 

The Ariat Bromonts are hand crafted with Ariat's Waterproof Pro Construction, this features a waterproof membrane of full-grain leather and suede leather uppers finished with a stretch back panel and full length back zip system, water beads off the boots ensuring your feet stay comfortable and dry, riding most days in England, they've been waterproof tested on more occasions than I'd like, below are the boots today as I had to jump off to open a gate onto muddy ground, the only thing for it when I got back to the yard was to hose the sole, wetting some of the leather in turn, as you can see it rolls off without staining the leather and dries well, my feet remained dry throughout.

On the inner, Ariat Bromonts have a moisture wicking plaid lining - Ariat also offer an insulated version of the Bromont that sound dreamy for hunting and cold weather riding, however I wanted my Bromonts for year round riding without the risk of becoming overheated. As with all Ariat boots the sole is Duratread, a non-marking material providing superior grip and traction for safety around the yard.

 The Ariat Bromonts H20 cost £279.99 in brown or black leather and various feet, width, calf and height sizes.

Oscar licking the remains of a farmhouse as I professionally model my Bromonts

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx


Gee Gee and Me Take A Trip to the Sea

Oscar and I went on an adventure to see the sea on Wednesday, Oscar hasn't visited the seaside before but he loves water, be it puddles, streams, rivers, lakes, XC water...if he can make it splash, he will and because of this I was super excited to share some of our photographs with you

Oscar wears bridle and martingale from Evison Equine, numnah from Griffin Nuumed, over reach boots from Eskadron.
I wear wellies by Le Chameau, PINK La Valencio Eline jacket from Equissentials Dressage, Charles Owen hat with Amelia Jane London pompom silk - trusty waterproof trousers, unknown.

Wishing you a happy weekend with your ponies, thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx