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I can't remember when I first bought Your Horse Magazine, it's been a regular purchase throughout my teens and on entering into adulthood, I did what any responsible adult would do and subscribed to it via direct debit to ensure I never missed an issue - and got my hands on it before everyone else!! I am careful with my money, I don't have it to throw away but I can honestly justify the £11.15 per quarter it costs, averaging at £3.72 an issue, a saving on the £3.99 retail shop price. And here is why...

My love of Your Horse Magazine comes from the practicality of it, I learn something from every single issue,  many people have sniggered at my subscription (me, geeky...never), but I am always a go to person when someone needs inspiring with a fresh idea to liven up their schooling session, and that is thanks to the motivation I get from the magazine.

Your Horse Magazine always runs a series, 2014 has seen Total Confidence Training with advice from the legendary Lucinda Green, the awe inspiring Sylvia Loch, the brilliant role model Natasha Baker and many more. The second half of the year saw the launch of the Training Academy 2014 with top coaches Laura Tomlinson and Jay Halim. This was perfect timing for me, as after having a difficult start with Oscar due to our very different backgrounds, with very different understandings of what we were asking of one another in our relationship, every time I schooled (and I continue to do this) I tick off the scales of training in my head before asking any more of Oscar - this can mean I sometimes trot and trot and trot and trot and trot, just until he realises he doesn't need to be running, relaxes and then we find our rhythm - so you can imagine when I saw the Training Academy Planner, I had a hallelujah moment:
Rhythm (my trainer also uses the word, tempo)
The magazine series' aren't a quick fix, for example December 2014 saw Laura and Jay discussing collection and my gosh I'm nowhere near, the only time I have collection is when I am on the cross country course, holding Oscar back feeling determined and then I smile and soften and the beautiful bouncy canter, that is then lost the moment after I realise I have it! But, it has given me another perspective on the scales of training and inspires me in my schooling sessions, I know Oscar and I will get there!!!! One day....

The 30 minute expert work out from the best trainers across the land is often a page I take to the yard with me, they're always really easy to follow and are from varied and well respected trainers. And Your Horse Magazine also tackles some of the simplest issues we face, that are never easy to resolve on our own, such as standing the be mounted....a horse not respecting our space, the things we often overlook and work around, when we should be addressing the problem, we just need a gentle push in the right direction. Again, the insight into private lessons is also priceless as it shows everyone else isn't perfect and it isn't just me with bad habits and I take so much from the trainers feedback.

Your Horse Magazine also celebrates the beautiful breeds (i.e. every breed, I wonder if they need a Connemara to model for them?), showing off an enchanting imagine over a double page spread and expanding our knowledge that little bit further, this month I learnt about Fjords while enjoying a cup of tea...easy reading! And now you're all dying to know what a Fjord is, go on, Google it! And a page encouraging us to "Get Out There" with a calender of popular events happening in the coming month across the UK. And on a more serious note, my veterinary and general horse care knowledge has been boosted thanks to the monthly feature of the Your Horse Open Clinic including a Q&A session with a panel of professionals and an insight into mud fever, kissing spine, grass sickness and all those other issues that weigh heavy on our minds, for me knowledge is power.

I could go on all day listing superlatives for Your Horse Magazine, however if you're in need of some inspiration and ideas, £3.99 is much cheaper than a lesson and something you can keep referring back to, and it isn't all about ridden work either, there are articles on groundwork, lunging, long-lining and in-hand training, perfect for the Winter nights! What are you waiting for...? 

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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