Keeping Up With The Unicorns...NAF Love the Skin he's in, Skin Wash

I purchased the NAF, Love the Skin he's in, Skin Wash in April 2014, along with the Skin Salve (click on the link for the Skin Salve review - May 2014), but at the time felt I couldn't give this product an honest review as I'd only used it as a cold wash - a mere one of it's three purposes, and finally six months later I am sharing my thoughts having tried all three...better late than never.

The NAF Skin Wash is a natural wash created from herbal ingredients, including aloe vera, a scent I can really smell as soon as the cap comes off, a beautifully clean and refreshing smell. The wash is designed to help support damaged or challenged skin affected by lumps, bumps and mild irritations, as a rule Oscar doesn't suffer with any of these but I love the healing properties of aloe vera and felt comfortable leaving this on his skin as a cold wash due to it's gentle properties, here are the three uses;

  • Cold wash - I have used the Skin Wash throughout Summertime, diluting half a capful in a small amount of cold water and applying it with a wrung out sponge to lift dirt and sweat after riding - the bottle has lasted all Summer, albeit there is only a small amount left therefore very economical if used for this purpose solely. I found it hugely convenient as the Skin Wash does not have to be washed off, so it's literally wipe down and done, it smells great, caused no irritations for being left on either. 10/10.
  • Deep coat clean - I tried this only once, I diluted a capful of Skin Wash to 5 litres of hot water (x2) as instructed and it just didn't do it for me. I think this could be down to Oscar always having a good covering of hair/coat, for example it takes a lot more to deep clean his coat than it would that of a thoroughbred. And I like to lather up a lovely bubbley foam when I "deep clean" - I can't be on my own with this one, I am the same with my own shampoo, it has to lather up! And bubble bath, it isn't bubble bath unless it bubbles-up in my opinion - and due to it's natural ingredients the Skin Wash doesn't lather. Therefore I wouldn't choose it if I wanted to deep clean Oscar's coat. 0/10.
  • Hot towel wash - This is the bad boy I've been waiting for! Oscar had his Summer coat coming through in April 2014 when I bought this product so I've had to wait until now to use the Skin Wash after clipping! I also held off using my deep cleansing towel that comes free with the wash too for this day, I have never in my life been so excited about hot clothing!! Again I diluted one capful with 5 litres of hot kettle water, dunked it my NAF towel, put my hand in...wincing at the temperature, wrung it out and worked it into the coat in circular motions. The cloth is luxurious, much nicer than the old flannel I normally use and a great size, it's much bigger than I expected, I worked this softly into Oscar's coat and it bought out all the grease, clipper oil and loose hairs perfectly, leaving him sparklingly clean! The wash 7/10, the cloth 10/10.
  • can be used directly on an affected area that require specific attention.
Overall it's been a useful item in my tack room and I haven't struggled to get my use from the product, so much so it's almost empty, it cost £17.96 from Viovet for 1 litre, great value for money considering the towel included. I'd recommend the purchase for the towel itself & I would consider repurchasing the Skin Wash but only if I'd ran out of all other leave in cold skin washes as this was it's main use for me, for hot towel washes, it was luxurious but a couple of drops of Dettol, baby oil or even washing up liquid do just as good a job in my opinion when hot clothing/towelling.

Oscar after his hot towel wash with NAF Love the Skin he's in, skin wash...
he is doing his best spook face at his turnout rug on the floor...pansy!

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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