Keeping Up With The Unicorns...Washing Our Whites, Pet Hair Filter Wash Bag Review

I love to see a white saddle pad, they're smart, clean and flatter every horse...even my grey, but only when both are sparkling clean, I do not enjoy grubby whites whether that be equine or laundry! Oscar and I only own one white pad, the LeMieux ProSport Suede Dressage Square, it's luxurious and saved for special occasions.

I hand wash all my saddle pads and bandages with love and care in a large TubTrug bucket by hand, however after boot marks on my white pad got the better of this method I decided to purchase a Pet Hair Filter Bag (through force more than choice, as my boyfriend would not be best pleased if I even suggested putting something of Oscar's in our personal washing machine, so this is our compromise), I got mine from Amazon for around £10, here is the product statement:

Washing numnahs has always been a problem as the course horse hair gets trapped inside the washing machine and cause both damage to the machine and drainage. This bag was originally designed for washing horse numnahs as it traps most of the hair, which is easily shaken out after washing to reduce damage to the machine and contamination of the next washing load"

Full of promise I loaded the saddle pad I adore into it's new wash bag and into the washing machine...switched it on before bed excited to see the result...

...which didn't go to plan! Due to the numnah getting heavy...and the bag being so large it stopped the drum from spinning and my washing machine stopped mid-cycle without emptying! I dragged the soaking wet numnah out, placed it in my trust TubTrug and put the washing machine back on in an attempt to 1) empty the water and 2) check it wasn't broken...would I ever live that down? No!

So I ended up scrubbing my pad in my traditional way accepting that, due to my pad being suede the dirty marks are engrained and here to stay. Oh well!

I have come to the conclusion I do not need this item and I would recommend you save your money if you hand wash as I do!


Show Shirts, why I choose Teque-Style from Premier Equine

Traditionally I have always worn cotton show shirts that reminded me of being back in a school uniform and although I am always tempted by the glamorous designs offered by Prestatie Sport (check them out, they're delicious..., Teque-Style shirts available at Premier Equine are the current choice for me. 

This blog post comes after competing today at an indoor event in some seriously warm conditions....where jackets were mandatory - I kept telling myself to think of the calories I was burning - and although I did get hot, I stayed comfortable underneath my tweed wearing my short sleeve Performer Stock Shirt (, the material is so soft, it doesn't rub or gather underneath your arms under a jacket which is important when you're hot and sweaty and seeing other competitors a little uncomfortable today had me thinking about my attire and that I only wear two shirts to compete in, and both are Teque-Style.

The Teque-Style shirts are a pique material, for those unfamiliar with the term pique is refers to a weaved material, meaning the material is breathable, finished with a cotton front panel, visible when wearing your jacket, therefore giving the appearance of you wearing a structured shirt. 

The two designs I own are the stock shirt and the tie shirt; the collar on the stock shirt is detachable, with a button hole at the back to keep your stock in place and as this is wearable is many way therefore ideal for all disciplines. Another plus is the price of £37.99, great value for money personally as it's the perfect all round shirt for when I compete and has been washed umpteen times always coming out beautifully, the stock design is worn more so than my tie shirt. My short sleeved Performer Tie Shirt is in pink and flatters the colours in my tweed jacket perfectly, wear this when I show Oscar, therefore worn less than the above (

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx


Eskadron Climatex Bandages

I love everything about these bandages (well that isn't completely true, I love everything apart from the price, however this post confirms they're worth every hard earned penny they cost). For those of you who haven't come across the Eskadron climatex bandages before, they're a superb support bandage made from highly elasticated, hard wearing acryl-polyamide (aka lycra) material, combined with a climatex section which winds onto the leg first, providing optimum protection for any pressure points and ensuring improved air circulation and breathabillity, removing the need to wear pads underneath bandaging...which lets face it, how many of us actually do prior to bandaging? I fail to as find they make the bandages too puffy, for me this is why these bandages so special and they fasten tidily with a velcro tab.

They're sold as a pair, I paid £32.50 for my set in chocolate from Horse Health (

The bandages are easy to apply and have never slipped, I have used them for lunging, schooling and showjumping and found them to be excellent in all three phases and my horse was happy wearing them. I have washed them numerous times, due to the climatex area being white it shows up all the dirt and sweat, more so than normal exercise bandages. Each time I have hand washed them, they've been really easy to do, the climatex part of the bandage holds a lot of water so good old fashioned ring out, washer woman style is recommended in order to speed up drying time, they've dried soft and haven't fluffed up - another benefit of the bandages being lyra, no unwanted bobbling! The chocolate colour has faded slightly however this small negative is far outweighed by other fantastic features of the bandages, I have several other colours on my wishlist!

Bandage information:
Climatex lining: 175cm
Total bandage length: 350cm

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx