Lights, Camera....say CARRRRRRRRROTS with HMG Photogrpahy

I first met HMG Photography at a local Hinckley Dressage competition, yet no matter how many baths, wipes, brushes Oscar gets he always manages to arrive at a competition looking like a completely different horse to the one I loaded! How does he get so dirty, he has hay in his plaits and poo in his tail...*sighhh* therefore I have never had the urge to purchase a dressage photograph of him yet...!

Therefore when HMG Photography posted on Facebook that they'd like volunteers for a photoshoot with a difference, my name was straight in the hat, and I was so fortunate to be one of two chosen!

Outfits chosen, ironed and packed, hair and make up done, for once my level of personal grooming was on par with Oscar's...that was until I got to the yard and said hair and make up got blown everywhere, but I still looked more presentable than my usual self.

Are you ready to know what the "difference" is...
...a black canvas portrait shoot, here is the fantastic set up - Helen the photographer brings all her kit in a few teeny tiny cases and before your eyes it pops up into this professional studio in a very Mary Popins style. All you need is an indoor area, stable, barn, indoor menage and a power socket, taaadaaaaa!

Photo: Let the fun begin!!!!

Then all you have to do is strike a pose...oh and get your horse to prick his ears, easier said than done, carrot, Oscar?

Here are the rest of my pictures, please have a look through and tell me which numbers are your favourite, as I want them all...!!

Helen is a wonderful photographer with a fun personality and photographs all equestrian events, yard visits, weddings and personal commissions, so if you're looking for a photographer in the Leicestershire/Midlands area please contact her via website or Facebook as I would recommend her 100% after meeting and working with her today.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xx

Tri-Zone Open Fronted & Air-Lite Boots

A friend was selling a pair of Tri-Zone Open Fronted Tendon and Airlite Fetlock Boots by Equilibrium, although they were in white - not my first colour choice on grey horse - they were a good price and I have always wanted to try the Equilibrium Tri-Zone boot range, so I bought them!

The Tri-Zone Airlite range was launched after 3 years of research, undertaken by scientists, vets and riders and in 2011 won an innovation award at the British Equestrian Trade Association International Affair - BETA award for short :)
The whole range of boots are made from three protective layers;
The outer layer - this is made from a tough and durable EVA mesh (a soft, flexible plastic), with a protective strike area at the back of the boot, the outer layer is hard wearing, yet still flexible, it is designed to disperse concussion.
Inside the boot - is a highly protective TPU guard, this protects the vulnerable tendon area from penetration strikes. (Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is any of a class of polyurethane plastics with many useful properties, including elasticitytransparency, and resistance to oil, grease and abrasion. Technically, they are thermoplastic elastomers consisting of linear segmented block copolymers composed of hard and soft segments - I had to google, I hadn't a clue what TPU was...I feel empowered I now understand the technology more)!
The middle layer - is a densely woven tough mesh, this prevents debris from entering the boot. The middle lining is made from shock absorbing EVA, these platforms allow heat to escape to the air-vents cut into the surface of the lining, these platforms have been positioned to maximise comfort and provide even pressure. 
The range - three boots, the Tri-Zone Airlite Allsports Boot, Tri-Zone Airlite Tendon Boot and Tri-Zone Airlite Fetlock Boot.
I am reviewing the latter two...

As I don't have any stationery pictures of Oscar wearing these boots I thought this one would make you smile and you can see the boots in action!!

The Tri-Zone Airlite Tendon Boot, is one of the lightest on the market and includes the above protective features, both this boot and the Tri-Zone Airlite Fetlock Boot have an additional fastening strap for security with a handy grip tab at the bottom for easy removal, and smart elastic straps for easy fitting. 

All of the above I agree with and found these boots to be breathable, flexible and smart looking my only concern was with the Tri-Zone Airlite Fetlock Boots, I found them to be too chunky on my 15.1hh connemara, he kicked out in them when I first put them on him and had a buck in canter and kept kicking out as they were brushing together too obviously (he does travel a little close behind, therefore please consider this may not be the case with all horses dependant on confirmation) because of this I prefer slim brushing boots and may not try fetlock boots again for some time...

Price, the tendons RRP at £49.99 and the fetlocks at £39.99 - brand new I wouldn't purchase these and would be more interested in the Tri-Zone Airlite Allsports Boot, I'd love to hear your thoughts if you've tried the Tri-Zone Airlite range please...

Thank you for reading, Jessica & Oscar xx


Jeffries IR Bridlework Vs Evison Equine Comfort Poll Bridle

I fell upon a Jeffries bridlework sale and couldn't resist buying the premium IR bridle, (RRP £221.55) the bridle was in black and looked seriously smart! However from day one I found the leather to be really stiff, regular soaping and oiling didn't help solve this throughout the year I used it (I even contemplated soaking it in olive oil one night, but didn't want to waste good oil if it wasn't a success)...but I can't deny it was a beautiful bridle. 
I never used the flash, the IR bridle comes with a thick flash band and this swamped my little Connemaras face, even though the bridle I bought was 'cob' size. I always planned to purchase a cavesson noseband but at £81.86 for this component I wasn't in a rush to purchase it after spending a small fortune on the bridle itself, so I wore it with the flash whipped out (as shown). In hindsight my Jeffries IR bridle purchase was definitely more lust than love at first sight...

Then...I found love at first sight at Chatsworth Horse Trials when I visited the Evison Equine UK trade stand. The first thing I noticed was the shape of their Comfort Poll bridles, and that it was similar to my Jeffries IR, but their is soft, flexible and just....yummy! It felt lovely in my hands and I know if I were a horse I would choose this over the Jeffries...does that make me sound odd..haha.

Lets compare...leather: Jeffries, "best top quality leather", Evison, "very best quality English leather" -the latter I prefer.
Padded headpiece: both bridles have padded headpieces, which are both shaped around the horses ears for comfort.
Nosebands: again both are padded, both come with a crank buckle, Jeffries come with the flash as standard, Evison give the option of cavesson or flash noseband.
Price: Jeffries, £221.55 vs Evison, £79.00.

I have used my Evison bridle since July 2013 and I have had many compliments about how nice it is and most people can not believe it only cost £79.00. I recommend this brand to everyone and prefer this so much to my Jeffries bridle that I went and sold it on eBay, making a little loss but rather it go to a good home than gather dust in my tack room.

Evison's customer service has always been exception and they have a lovely Facebook page where they encourage pictures of you to show off wearing their gear:,d.ZGU

Jeffries IR:
Evison Equine Comfort Poll:

Jeffries IR

Evison Equine UK

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx