Tried & Tested by One Very Pampered Pony

From bedding to brushing boots, saddlery and shampoos...Oscar, my pony and I aim to put everything equine to the test and report back with how the product has faired, over short, medium and long periods of use! 
Due to the difficult economic way of saying, every penny counts to me at the moment and has done for some time, before I purchase anything equine I do my homework. (Yes, I am that geeky)! I choose to spend the small disposable income I have on luxuries for my pony, rather than myself - an act many of you will relate to and something my mum and friends think I am crazy for doing! But, buying things for Oscar (and I suppose therefore for myself) makes me happy, what makes me UN-happy is when they don't do what they claim! 
So...where do I go to enquire about a product...I Google the item, click on every link beneath it, then construct some Oxford worthy mathematical calculation of positive versus negative points of view as to whether I go ahead with the purchase or not - who else does this too? The Horse & Hound Forum has become a little bit of a gospel!
Then there is the process of finding the best possible price for the item, paying too much is like falling at the final hurdle...I always think there must be an easier way...but NO. There isn't.
I know this because I have Google'd it too (numerous times - I can find wonderful advise and  hearty information about nutrition and natural horsemanship, behaviour and breeding but nothing on the day to day things we use with our horses and ponies.
This leads to the intention of my blog and that is to review the products and services Oscar and I use - I welcome hints and tips therefore please feel free to recommend products/services and also ask if you'd like us to try anything specific - and report back with open, honest and practical feedback. I do not claim to be an expert...just a normal person in love with her pony and wanting the very best for him and great value for money when I buy things for us to enjoy together (Oscar just lives for mane and tail conditioner, naawwwtttt)! I hope you will grow to trust us and refer to us as a reliable source of feedback, hopefully making your lives easier and protecting your purse strings :o) 
All items are purchased by myself and if I am ever fortunate enough to trial a product I have not paid for with my own hard earned cash I will explain so at the very top of the post.
Thank you for reading, Oscar and Jessica xx

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