About Me

My name is Jessica, I am a writer and enthusiast of all things equine!

Once upon a time on a dark, damp, December's evening in 2013 I launched Gee Gee & Me, I was inspired to do so because prior to purchasing anything equestrian I have always carried out extensive research...Google-ing to the end of the earth and back! I figured there are others like me, and when every penny counts we want quality products that do the job as promised and last the test of time.

This is what Oscar and I do, trial and test. I continue to extensively research products before I buy as I don't have money to waste, therefore most of my reviews are glowing reports of my favourite tack room treasures...however there is the occasional fail that no doubt will make amusing reading!!

I love to write and I am completely Oscar obsessed!

Thank you for taking the time to visit Gee Gee & Me.