Dear Santa... Riding Tights, Save, Spend or Splurge?

What's not to love, riding tights are stylish, feminine and figure hugging with technical fabrics designed to contour and lift. I have chosen my favourite three and whether you save, spend or splurge on a pair they're each a fantastic addition to any equestrian wardrobe...

Those that follow Gee Gee and Me will know I love Derby House rugs and I haven't bought anything else for Oscar since I discovered them. So I was really excited to get my hands on something for me to wear. 
The Pro Gel Riding Tights are thicker than your average riding tights, with a flattering seem down the front and a full gel grip seat for security. They're super stretchy and allow plenty of movement whether riding, mucking out or rushing around the supermarket. They look incredibly smart and pass the see-through test with flying colours. They are true to size and feature in an adorable 'mini me' collection too.
The practical features haven't been forgotten either, with belt loops and a flattering mid-rise waistband finished with the signature Derby House embossed Pegasus pendant. A steal at £ which colour to get?

The LeMieux brand just gets better and better and I have enjoyed every minute putting their Pull On Breeches to the test. The design is ultra modern and available in vivid colours; of navy, blackcurrant and grey. The contrasting black waistband, generous side pocket and My LeMieux logo all stand out. 
They are fleece lined and beautifully soft making them incredibly comfortable to wear and perfect for the winter months - with LeMieux working on a summer weight option ready for the change in season, as always one step ahead.
They're flexible, breathable and don't wiggle down as I rush around the yard doing chores. With a full silicone seat for security and a fit that is true to size, they really feel like a quality pair of breeches rather than 'just' tights. Worth the spend at £49.96.

I see Holland Cooper and I think of Cheltenham, tailored tweed and luxury. I don't think of being of at the yard...smelling dubiously of horse wee after mucking out. This is why I love Jade Holland-Coopers latest release; the Equi-Legging, because it brings a little bit of luxury to the dark, cold and very often wet early mornings.
Branded with Holland Cooper on the outside of the right leg, they have monogrammed silicone knee grips reading HC on the inside, a gold foiled logo on the back and a silver disc at the waistband. They are high waisted, glossy and super slim, although not necessarily true to size and I could have ordered a size down - makes me love them even more! 
The Equi-Leggings are pure luxury and would make the perfect present (even to yourself...), whether purchased from a Holland Cooper shop or online, they'll arrive beautifully wrapped in HC tissue and feel very special to unwrap. Available in black, ink navy, charcoal and mulberry a splurge at £69.00.

Whether you're adding a pair to your Dear Santa wishlist or treating yourself to a January pick-me-up, you won't go wrong with any of these three and I am very lucky to have them in my wardrobe.

Little Arnold and I - pictured wearing the LeMieux Pull On Breeches.

Happy Christmas
Much love from Jessica
Gee Gee and Me.

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