Horsely AU - It's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle

Horsely is a new and exciting online equestrian shop, aiming to provide horse lovers with high quality and price competitive products. The company contacted Gee Gee and Me towards at the end of 2017 and we instantly clicked when I read their mission statement "it's not a hobby, it's a lifestyle" I love it when a company gets us (equestrians).

Horsely brightened up my February by sending me a stunning braided belt to try out. Available in a range of colours the belts can be coordinated to match any outfit, even your XC colours! The braiding means it can be buckled to any size and high or low waist breeches or jeans, making them unisex too.

My belt is a trio of red, blue and brown and matches both of my brown and black cherry tall riding boots, although has spent most of its time wrapped up under layers and layers of clothing, until the warmer weather arrives...roll on Spring.

The belts cost £22.99 with free worldwide shipping, and the website is the perfect place for gift shopping. Horsely have a beautiful range of cushion cases, desk accessories, handbags and socks. A page firmly saved in my favourites tab for future birthday gift buying, take a

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Jessica and Oscar
Gee Gee and Me

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