Dear Santa...Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip

I helped a friend carry her tack to her lorry pre competition. The usual things, saddle, bridle, boots, whip...whip? What is this? It was as light as a feather, invisible in my hand and made waves as I swooshed it through the air like a fancy sword. It was the Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip...

Of course it is German. Designed by a country celebrated for their architectural engineering, I had to have my own.

With a solid fibre glass core, the Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip is robust, never feeling delicate and always in perfect balance. Something not to be underestimated, because this helps my precision, ensuring my message is loud and clear and therefore less frequent. The weight and width of the Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip means I can keep my hand relaxed whilst holding it, with my thumbs on top.

We all have our own opinions on riding with a whip...I personally choose to for the purpose of backing up my leg aid - thought, energy, leg, tap! Whilst I would love to be a Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin who only pick up a whip to teach a certain movement, my lack of time, training sessions and hot Jazz bloodlines make this a challenging aspiration to have. I am sure many other amateur equestrians feel the same and writing this blog post encouraged me to dig out an old article from 2014 that I read on the subject of dressage whips featured on Dressage Today, that makes for great reading.

I ordered my Fleck Carbon Ultragrip Whip from Classic Dressage for £28.00, it arrived in a cardboard tube, perfectly protected. It would make an excellent Christmas gift for the dressage diva in your life.

Jessica and Oscar.

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