Protexin Gut Lix Review

Oscar has to have a lick of some kind, his stable isn't complete without and the flavour of this month is the apple Gut Lix by Protexin.

For those unaware, Protexin are a company who believe nature is an ideal source of effective healthcare solutions to benefit both humans and animals and work closely with leading Universities, hospitals and research centres worldwide from their home here in the United Kingdom. A company always looking to improve their products without compromising their natural basis the Gut Lix is the latest release in the Equine Premium range.

The Protexin Gut Lix is a highly palatable apple flavoured lick containing essential minerals, vital to a healthy horse or ponies diet with the addition of the purest salt from Cheshire and their magic ingredients, Preplex prebiotics. These support and nourish the beneficial bacteria in the gut - you can read more about the science here - and containing no sugar or molasses you can offer without the risk of unnecessary weight gain, making the Gut Lix ideal for all year round use and especially during the hotter, Summer months.

Oscar's Gut Lix is placed into a shallow tub and fed from the floor in his stable with free access, he has had it almost three weeks now and apart from the teeth marks caused when he tried to eat whole at first he soon understood and now goes straight to it after eating his evening feed by habit.

A real benefit to Oscar is that the Gut Lix encourages salivation, something hugely important to me when stabled overnight to help to maintain a healthy gut and at £8.99 for a heavy 2kg lick, I think it will replace Oscar's previous essential of Himilayan salt licks thanks to the science and education from Protexin.

Jessica and Oscar.

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