Keeping Up With The Unicorns - The Ultimate Groomer by Lincoln

For Winter Oscar is always fully clipped - with the exception of this saddle patch and legs - however 2016 was different. With regular visits to the vet through September to February, I couldn't bring myself to do it, although returning to full soundness and in work, what if I tempted fate by doing so...a horse grows a Winter coat for a reason...?

Eventually I had to clip because Oscar was getting too warm and not wanting to get ahead of myself I opted for a chaser clip. Armed with baler twine and chalk, my OCD at its most heightened with a desire for straight lines and a mirror image I was happy with my halfway house.

Until now...I have white hair EVERYWHERE!

Rugs, saddle pads, me...because of this when shopping for essentials (feed, treats, mane and tail conditioner), I stumbled across The Ultimate Groomer by Lincoln and I love it! Shaped like a window cleaner, its easy to hold and use, with a comb of fine metal teeth to remove dirt, undercoat and loose hair without cutting or damaging the coat leaving it soft and silky. The most satisfying grooming tool I currently have in my KIT, used daily and Oscar adores it, his little nose curls with happiness.

A gold star from Gee Gee and Me - purchased from R&R Country for £12.75.

Jessica and Oscar.

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