Never Underestimate The Basics...LeMieux Fleece Headband

Never underestimate the basics...I am rarely without headgear at the yard and an ear-warmer style headband is my favoured choice...unless it's wet, then my bobble hat wins. My hair rivals Rapunzel's and being rained on equals a tangled mess.

To me the benefits of an head band ear-warmer are...

  1. My hair can be tied up on top of my head, safely out of the way of, not horses zips. I have the empathy of every girl who has ever had long hair here)
  2. No flat hat hair, surely I suffer my fair share of that from my riding helmet
  3. My head doesn't get sweaty
  4. When I wear my head-torch without one the imprint from it doesn't fade from my forehead until midday - not my desired look whilst in an office at work

Made from super soft polar fleece the LeMieux Headband is extremely comfortable, keeps your ears and head warm and snug and can also be worn under your hat, at £9.95 you need one, click here to get yours.

Thank you for reading
Jessica and Oscar

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