Equissentials Dressage Instagram Takeover

Gee Gee and Me are busting with excitement for Monday when Oscar and I take over the Equissentials Dressage Instragram account - @EquissentialsDressage #ggandmelovesED

I am a loyal customer to Equissentials Dressage, a business created by two aspiring dressage riders Hayley and Nic, both are forever stylish and have a passion for equestrian fashion, meaning it was a huge compliment to be offered the opportunity to represent their brand for the day.

This week I have featured my favourite pieces from their current collection on Gee Gee and Me's Facebook page;
Imperial Riding Dressage Tendon Boots
Hauke Schmit's A Touch Of Magic Gloves
Rider By Horse Sea Blue Pad & Bandages from S/S 2017
Kingsland...everything, but if I had to pick, which my bank account says I do, 
the Sudbury Sweater and Rider Tights

With a promise to only stock products the founders believe in, that they've tried and tested on their own precious gee gee's and a guarantee to bring you the absolute best, you can't go far wrong shopping with Equissentials Dressage.

Don't miss out on Monday, I promise to banish any back to work blues.
Follow @GeeGeeandMe and @EquissentialsDressage - everything modeled by Oscar and I on Monday is already part of our wardrobe and has not been gifted, supplied or discounted by Equissentials Dressage for the event, we are true advocates of the products featured. I will always state if otherwise.

Jessica and Oscar

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