LeMieux Ringers Over Reach Boot Review

I love new products especially when they're by LeMieux therefore I was giddy to be tasked with reviewing their latest range of over reach boots called "Ringers".

Apart from having an awesome name the LeMieux Ringers Over Reach Boots are a durable boot for turnout, schooling and competition wear, which is what makes them so unique. At first glance they almost look too posh for turnout but the following points mean they're ideal...
  1. firstly they cost just £12.95 
  2. available in "easy to find when trashed in the field" colours of red and, not so much
  3. double lock velcro
  4. super soft black fleece collar, preventing rubs
  5. easy to wash off and clean
  6. manufactured from horizontal rubber rings for a super strong over reach boot
If they can successfully survive a turnout environment that involves leaping, bouncing, playing...mud (!!) wearing the Ringers for protection when schooling and competing would be a breeze, something I put to the test at the canter track on Saturday...

Always game for a jolly, Oscar happily humped his back and set off in 6th gear, zooming around the canter track, the Ringers Over Reach Boots provided all the protection they promised and any traces of arena surface in the fleece collar simply brushed off to leave them looking as good as new.

LeMieux over reach boots are always of superior quality, for me no other brand compares, in February 2015 I documented my love of the Wrap Around Lambskin Over Reach Boot and even further back in October 2014 the Wrap Around Leather Over Reach Boot, both of which are still going strong, I have no doubt the Ringers Over Reach Boots will live up to the same expectations...

Oscar wears size Medium as always in over reach boots, the Ringers come up smaller than other designs and if I ordered an additional pair would opt for Large - see picture for fit, taken post ride out therefore his tootsies are dirty...
Sizes: S - XL

Thank you for reading,
Jessica and Oscar