Keeping Up With The Unicorns - Horse Health Brite Whites Shampoo

The maintenance involved in keeping up with the unicorns is written into out weekly planner...

Monday - lunge
Tuesday - mane and tail wash
Wednesday - flat get the idea

...because limiting it to before an important date, show or competition is not enough, as many owners of greys or equally challenging coloured horses will confirm it doesn't happen by accident, keeping a unicorn is a lifestyle.

I was overjoyed Horse Health included a bottle of their Brite Whites Shampoo in my Official LeMieux Blogger parcel, an exciting purple shampoo that has been put to the ultimate test of being used prior to a dressage test when Oscar's tail should glitter and his mane be dazzling, yet plait-able after a fresh wash!

I always shampoo Oscar with warm water - cold water does not lift the dirt, whatever the time of year - once I had this prepared I squirted Brite Whites Shampoo into my palms, it's noticeably thick and a vivid purple colour which it kept as I worked it into a lather, amusingly he looked magical...purple really suits him! As instructed I left the shampoo in both his mane and tail for over five minutes before rinsing out the pastel purple soap suds revealing a sparkling white pony underneath.

I am in love with the Brite Whites Shampoo from Horse Health because it works, it is one of the best whitening shampoos I have used to date and there has been a few...a must have in every grooming kit, whether you're tackling a stubborn white sock or a top to toe grey!
Available to purchase from Horse Health - 500ml - £9.95

Thank you for reading
Jessica and Oscar