Hippo Net Hay-Net Review

The people have spoken, I shared the contents of my Official LeMieux Blogger parcel on Gee Gee and Me's Facebook Page and asked what you wanted to see first...the Hippo Net was the clear winner!

The Hippo Net hay-net was an interesting product to receive and I will confess it would have never of appeared on Gee Gee and Me without the support from Horse Health. The sole purpose of the hay-nets I own is to use whilst steaming hay, however the public interest in the Hippo Net shows that I am clearly alone in this and with an open mind I gave it a go. I needed to know what Oscar and I were missing out on...!

The Hippo Net is a lightweight, soft and flexible hay-net, woven as opposed to knotted and made from nylon, it opens easily and stays open making it untroublesome to fill - hooray for the simple joys in life - the tie string is looped through little metal hoops, not nylon threaded through nylon that can easily tangle and it's huge, fitting Oscar's 6kg overnight hay allowance in with plenty of room for more.

The Hippo Net hay-net has small 40 mm holes offering less waste, slowing eating time and aiding digestion without frustrating the horse or pony by being too small or too difficult to munch from. Normally my preferred method of feeding hay is from the floor because of my obsession with respiratory health however a consequence of this means I pick hay remains out of Oscar's bedding on a daily basis so the 'less waste' Hippo Net selling point was attractive and I couldn't discount my love for the idea of slowing down the eating every horse owner I worry the mountainous pile will have been inhaled by 11 pm.

During our trial time Oscar has happily tucked into the Hippo Net and it has completely resolved the issue of hay being mixed into his shavings bed...SUCCESS, I have a huge temptation to purchase more...available from Horse Health in grey/blue or burgundy/beige at £9.95.

Jessica and Oscar

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