Equisafety Charlotte Dujardin Arret Waistcoat Review

My horse is my best friend, I plan my life around him and more often than not his needs come before mine, like most equestrians I sacrifice holidays, hair and make up and would happily go without if it mean Oscar not having to.

Because of this why would I not want to take every precaution possible to be safe and seen when riding out? Whether it allows the driver of a vehicle an early heads up that we are on the horizon, alerts a farmer working in a field with loud machinery of our presence...or offering a dog walker enough time to recall their canine before our paths cross, I feel the benefits far outweigh any negatives and I hope you would all agree too.

Equisafety would be my go to brand for hi-visibility attire and I am honored to have been sent an Arret Waistcoat from their stylish Charlotte Dujardin range to put to the test...

The Arret Waistcoat is made from a lightweight breathable, waterproof fabric and has a useful two way front zip, two hidden side pockets - essential for iPhone safety - two open back vents and a beautifully soft lining. An intuitive design, the waistcoat stands out with sparkling silver hi-visibility stripes and Charlotte Dujardin's trademark initials on both the front and back. The shape is feminine creating an elegant silhouette, a far cry from the baggy vests that historically made up our hi-visibility wardrobe that in 2017 are far more suited to a building site than equestrianism!

Available in pink, red and yellow and sizes XS-XXL.
I cautiously ordered a size up and wear a generous Medium because I wanted to wear all year around over anything from a summer vest top to a puffy winter coat without feeling restricted.

The Charlotte Dujardin Equisafety Collection is the most stylish hi-visibility range I have ever seen and although at a higher cost than your average 'vest' - the Arret Waistcoat is priced at £49.99 - it's a fabulous piece of technical clothing that will never go out of fashion and can be worn year after year, if you enjoy looking smart on a your steed it will be a very worthy investment.

I can't wait for many more adventures wearing mine...staying safe, being seen.

Thank you for reading,
Jessica and Oscar

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