The Husk Technology Product Review

Oscar has a new home and the school is a fabulously bouncy, rubber surface that is beautiful to ride on...but manages to turn everything black! This gave me the push I needed to invest in some new work boots for everyday use and I choose The Husk because of the science behind their design resulting in the following four promises...
  1. Temperature Control
  2. Impact Protection
  3. Light Weight
  4. Quick Wash/Dry
Temperature Control, The Husk have carefully selected varying combinations of technical material because of their thermo-regulating properties, texture and thickness to create the best effective for each product - work boots, over reach boots, numnahs, etc...
I own the Titan Standard Schooling Air Boots and when rolled out flat they're made of two layers, this allows air to flow freely keeping the temperature constantly cool and the holed fabric wicks sweat away from the skin. 
Oscar only recently had a chaser clip...I'd planned not to clip at all as we're having a quiet Winter but he started to get hotter than ideal when working so clipping was inevitable, however he has always stayed cool, dry and comfortable under his Titan Schooling Air Boots even when the rest of his body wasn't therefore I have been super impressed by their temperature control promise and The Husk get a big tick from Gee Gee and Me on promise number one.

Impact Protection, fortunately the most impact my Titan Schooling Air Boots have seen is 'brushing' and long may it stay that way, however The Husk claim the layers of material create a sponged effect that spreads the force from any impact applied to the body, the material is also rip stop to provide added protection and confidence and for me this means a long lasting product.

Light Weight, The Husk range is made from super light material and astonishingly the Exercise Boots are only weight make this real a bag of Haribo Starmix weights 160g, YES!!! Now before you ask, I haven't gone a far as to weigh my Titan Schooling Air Boots but I know they feel feather light and that's enough for me. This means when wearing The Husk products we add no unnecessary weight to the horse, particularly important with leg protection to help prevent injury or slipping.

Quick Wash/Dry, all products are machine washable and scrub up pretty well with a pressure hose, something I have had to take to the Titan Schooling Air Boots all too frequently, I have hosed at full power both on and off the horse because the gorgeous green grass at our new home has meant dirty back legs - you get the idea. The Husk claim their products dry in 30 minutes and in ideal conditions this may be so, I however found at the yard they took overnight to dry out completely but this still beats any other boot I have in my tack room that would have to be taken home and placed on the radiator or hung out for days on end at the yard.

I ordered a Medium Width Titan Schooling Air Boots with No Piping and they cost £96.00 - yes, I did hesitate before I placed the order as it is more than I'd usually pay for boots but these are no ordinary boots and they're work boots, intended to worn more than any other, three to five times a week and fortunately my investment paid off because I love the technology and therefore worth the price tag, so much so I'd love to grow my The Husk collection with some pieces from their white, Pure range.

Along with my Titan Schooling Air Boots I also ordered a pair of Over Reach Boots in Medium at £30, these host the same benefits as the boots however when delivered had a Large label and appeared LARGE, I queried this with The Husk who confirmed they now only sell 'one size' Over Reach Boot and this is the fault of their manufacturer but what this does mean is that they don't fit Oscar. Over big Over Reach Boots are dangerous so unfortunately although the technology of the products works for us, the 'one size' Over Reach Boots never will and this is something to be aware of when ordering - see pictures.


Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx