Dear Santa...Top Zop Plaiting Comb

Forever an advocate of Horse Health I picked up my Top Zop Plaiting Comb when they first launched a few years ago and I have been rather selfish by keeping this secret plaiting weapon to myself for so long - mainly because owning a native means I rarely plait and when I do I am far too busy, name it to photograph the process for a blog post!

Gee Gee and Me's Dear Santa series feels like the perfect time and place to introduce it to you all, costing £9.95 it makes an ideal stocking filler for the competition King, Queen, Groom in your life and a yard Secret Santa gift someone will actually make use of.

I love my Top Zop Plaiting Comb because...

  1. The short comb helps me measure out the distance between my plaits ensuring they are uniform in size
  2. The clip holds excess mane out of my way so I can give each plait my undivided attention
  3. The end of the comb has a rubber band holder that fits enough bands on to do the whole mane
  4. The fourth reason is for all of the above being in one place, before I used to struggle juggling a comb, a clip, holding bands in my mouth, I even used to wear a short gardening type apron to store it all and the Top Zop Plaiting Comb eliminates the need for all the above.
Top Zop Plaiting Comb can be purchased at Horse Health.

I hope you have enjoyed reading Gee Gee and Me's five days of Christmas Dear Santa posts and are feeling full of present buying inspiration, Oscar and I wish you all a very happy Christmas and as always, thank you for reading.