Dear Santa...Mother Bee Mini Yard Hand Rescue

Whether you're looking for the perfect stocking filler for the equine obsessed in your life or planning a gift for you yard Secret Santa, Gee Gee and Me are sharing our five favourite treats throughout this week in a series called 'Dear Santa' - the prices range from £4.99 to £19.96 so they'll be something for everyone and rather controversially I am kicking the week off with something for the rider, because we all know the person you're buying for will seldom spend money on themselves...

Mother Bee is a company I had heard of because of their Soothe and Protect Balm for Animals, it's a product with incredible healing properties and when I saw their stand at Your Horse Live I hot footed it over because I was certain Oscar needed it in his life....

...wait, how has this become a post about the horse? Apologies, back on track THE RIDER...

I hadn't realised before Your Horse Live that Mother Bee catered for the beauty (that's me), as well as the beast (the unicorn) and I was instantly drawn to their Yard Hand Rescue, it comes in a mini or maxi resealable pot and the balm pops out. Once massaged between the palms like you would with a bar of soap, it melts into the skin releasing the beautiful scent of the healing oils, leaving hands protected by the beeswax barrier that locks in moisutre, keeping out the cold and damp without being sticky, it's delicious!

I purchased two Mini Yard Hand Rescue's one for me and one for Mum, who loves hers too, I feel they're like lip balms and I need one in every place, my handbag, the car, work, yard coat because it is such a beautiful product that my hands love.

Mini 30g - £4.99
Large 90g - £12.99

Happy Christmas, with love from Jessica and Oscar xxxx