Dear Santa...Hands On Grooming Gloves

It wouldn't be Gee Gee and Me if I didn't share a grooming product in my Dear Santa series...and hopefully it's one you're all familiar with as it recently featured in a Keeping Up With The Unicorns post.

The Hands On Grooming Gloves from Horse Health at £19.96 - click HERE to read the full review.

My original blog post covers all aspects of the Hands On Grooming Gloves and was written over a month ago, they're without a doubt one of my favourite products from 2016 and would be ecstatic to find these in my Christmas stocking from Santa. I use them daily to remove mud when Oscar comes in from the field, they're excellent for grooming sensitive areas such as the ears and face and again during weekly bath time, Oscar adores me using them to wash his mane!

Happy Christmas, with love from Jessica and Oscar xxxx