Christmas Wish List

Roosa's Horsey Life Christmas Wish List blog post has made me feel wonderfully festive and I've recently put some thought into what I'd like from Santa this Christmas, for a little bit of fun I thought I'd prizes for guessing the first item...

  • A sparkly riding hat!!! Oh, one of these has been on my wish list for years, every birthday and Christmas I lust after one...but in reality there has always been something more important. With each year the range to choose from increases as more brands start to offer sparkle it's hard to choose, Charles Owen, Kask, Samshield, Scharf, KEP, to name just a few and recently Uvex have relaunched their gorgeous suxxceed glamour range that are now perfectly up to standard. A girl can dream...

  •  In our everyday battle to "Keep Up With The Unicorns" I feel it is Gee Gee and Me's duty to put the Haas Grooming Kit for Grey/Coloured Horses to the test and therefore would love to find a set in my stocking on Christmas morning as I have heard exciting things about the brand

  • A LeMieux Thermo Cool Rug from Horse Health, they're described as climate control for horses, are made from a beautiful wool blend and look super smart. They tick so many boxes and would be of use in any horses wardrobe.

  • Finally a little something for me because I love being warm! The Kingsland Charlotte Dujardin Cairnes Jacket, it's super padded, showerproof and seriously smart with a flooofy collar! 

Even if I can tick one item off my wish list this Christmas, I will overwhelmingly wouldn't be as fun if we could have everything all of the time and I am already grateful for all Oscar and I have. 

I'd love to hear your Dear Santa wish lists, please share....

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx