MacWet Long Cuff Climatec Sports Glove Review

Throwback to January 2015 and I published a wish list that included MacWet gloves, I didn't end up ticking them off the list until twelve months later in early 2016. The weather must have been cold when I purchased my MacWet's because I opted for the Long Cuff Climatec Sports Glove, designed to protect our hands from the elements and whilst well used during the cold, dark months of 2016 they have been lovingly stored away for Summer only making their reappearance in the last couple of weeks as the weather has turned.

And it was on a recent trip to the gallops that I felt their worth...I woke up to a beautiful Autumnal morning, the sun was shining, the countryside glittered in the frost, I excitedly hitched up my trailer, Oscar bounced on board and it was only when I turned out the driveway, that's some frost and drove extra carefully on the short journey to our destination.

I arrived, well prepared in my base layers and soft shell breeches, thankful I had packed my MacWet Long Cuff Climatec Gloves, the superior sizing means they fit like a second skin, the long cuff allows the glove to cover the whole hand and the elasticated cuff snugly closes around the wrist, keeping out any chills. The fabric, Aquatec ensures superb grip and sensitivity combined with Climatec to offer increased warmth and comfort meaning they're wind proof, water resistant and fleece lined. This combination equals warm, toasty hands, whether you're galloping in zero degrees temperatures or into driving rain! 

The MacWet mission statement of "all grip, no slip" fabulously represents the gloves and I'd now love to try out more styles from the brand.
£29.99 rrp
Available in brown/black/green/navy.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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