LeMieux ProSport Lustre Dressage Square & Polo Bandages Review

Yesterday was officially named Monday Plumday, I treated Oscar and I to an indoor arena hire complete with dressage boards, we had an awesome time and it was the first opportunity I'd had to play dress up in our gorgeous new LeMieux ProSport Lustre Dressage Square and Polo Bandages...I think you'll all agree Oscar looks wonderful in plum.

Regular readers may remember I reviewed the LeMieux ProSport Dressage Pad on Gee Gee and Me back in September 2015, I featured my lucky white dressage square that I have owned for over three years, it's well washed and a much loved piece of my competition kit and this is the pad that started my collection of LeMieux, plum will be my twelfth pad with almost as many Polo Bandages to match - thankfully, as the saying can never have too much of a good thing.

LeMieux Matchy Matchy has established itself very quickly in a hugely competitive market and the LeMieux ProSport Lustre Dressage Squares and Polo Bandages have become somewhat iconic with their deliciously rich range of colours and strong reputation of having thought of everything. 

Oscar (purchased for his hardy breed as a pure Connemara) has hugely sensitive skin therefore anything I place him in has to be super soft and the bamboo lining on the LeMieux ProSport Lustre Dressage Square is exceptional, with a feel similar to that of cashmere or silk, they're breathable and cool to wear with natural wicking, deodorization and anti-microbial properties to ward off fungi! 

Now I've covered the important inner features, lets talk about the fun stuff, the beautiful outer suede fabric that brings the colour to life adding a delicious richness to the plums, blueberries, coral reds and more, plus sensibly reducing any movement of the pad too. The shape of the square is carefully made and designed to fit a multitude of horses, including those of high wither and has elasticated D-Ring tabs to suit both double and mono flap saddles without the need for any tab DIY - hands up who has unpicked the tabs on their pad or cut them down to D-Ring size...I am not the only one! The girth area as always is finished with LeMieux's signature girth protection area, preventing wear and a look of untidiness.

And they wash well! I haven't yet washed plum but owning twelve (blushes), they're regularly thrown into the wash and although take a little time to try they come out exquisite, even after numerous washes.

The sizes are small/medium and large, Oscar wears large at 15hh, I love the fit on him and I am delighted that LeMieux offer smaller sizes too, nothing cuter than mini-matchy. 

The LeMieux Polo Bandages are a superior match to the colour of the Lustre Dressage Square - something not all brands successfully achieve - they too are rich in colour and luxurious, made from a high quality fleece. Due to their length of 3.8 metres Oscar doesn't require any further padding underneath - however on a larger horse LeMieux liners can be added. Unfortunately our arena hire excursion coincided with Oscar's move to his Winter grazing paddock...cue luminous running green poo and in the excitement of the new venue managed to spray this down the back of his new plum bandages, meaning they went straight into the wash as soon as we arrive home. They lost zero colour, washed beautifully without stretching or bobbling and look brand new again. 

Finally, the price...if you're not familiar with the world of Dressage matchy, a pad of less quality can easily cost in excess of £60 with bandages at over £40 - yes it can be eye watering - the featured LeMieux Plum Matchy pad is priced at £39.95 and bandages £22.50 greatly competitive - please keep the new colours coming LeMieux...

I could write all day with superlatives about LeMieux's outstanding range of Matchy Matchy however I think you've gathered I am a tremendous fan.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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