EQU StreamZ Review

My Facebook page has touched on this subject more so than my blog as I haven't felt ready, or wanted to write about Oscar's recent however our wonderful vet confirmed Oscar is sound both in straight lines and on the lunge and my heart is singing with joy!!

Oscar suddenly went lame, only noticeable by a slight nod in trot...abscess, bruise, has he banged or knocked himself, no cuts, heat or scent to indicate why meant a visit to Oakham Veterinary Hospital in Rutland where he was diagnosed with some arthritic changes.

As any devoted horse owner would - alongside following all veterinary advise - I researched and researched and researched to decide what I could invest in that might improve the flair up to reduce the inflammation and ensure he was as comfortable as possible, one of the chosen products was a pair of EQU SteamZ bands.

As soon as I clicked 'SHARE' on the first picture of my EQU StreamZ bands I was inundated with enquiries;  do they work? what do they do? have they helped Oscar? how have they helped him? and I had to reply with honest the answer "I don't yet know"...that was back in September and now I am happy to share my thoughts after almost 24/7 wear since.

Firstly I will cover off why I was drawn to StreamZ Global Technology, it was born from the desire of an inventor seeking a way to reduce his wife's chronic migraine headaches and thereafter discovered the technology could also relieve pain associated with everything from arthritis to multiple sclerosis, improving general wellbeing, creating health benefits such as reduction in inflammation. Thankfully StreamZ Global expanded their range to support horses and dogs in addition to us humans.

StreamZ products contain a mixture of natural rubbers and compounds that are unique and differ greatly from the more traditionally used magnetic pulsing devices and hologram ion balancers. StreamZ bands, although containing a magnetic field do not create a pulsing effect but instead introduce a new technique in magnetic therapy named magnetic resonance technology, instead of pulsing, Steamz spin.

I applied the EQU StreamZ bands soon after Oscar's first veterinary appointment, worn around his pastern, because this is the first arthritic flair up Oscar has ever shown signs of he was medicated with an anti-inflammatory drug and field rest, so his bands were worn 24/7. There is a warning for grey horses with some showing sensitivity to the durable neoprene outer band material, I removed the bands and reapplied them twice a day and experienced no skin reactions.

Oscar's second veterinary appointment saw the medication of his joint, this meant box rest for at least 48 hours afterwards, an ask for a horses legs when his normal routine is to live out almost 24/7 (unless in Winter months) and his legs remained unfilled and comfortable whereas a slight puffiness would have been normal for him under these circumstances. This time I had placed the bands around his fetlocks to avoid irritating the medicated area and again had no skin sensitivity.

Oscar has worn his EQU SteamZ bands 100% throughout his recovery and I've only recently started removing them as his work increases so not to damage them as they're not recommended to be worn during work. Today our vet was elated with Oscar's progress and he is feeling on top of the world, showing me how supple he has remained during his time off by pulling various moves when all I want is for him to trot calmly. 

Watch until the end...

I believe EQU StreamZ have aided Oscar's rehabilitation and as arthritis will always be present the bands will be a permanent part of our lifestyle in managing his condition. 

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx