TopSpec TopChop Zero Review

Those of you who follow @GeeGeeandMe on Instagram will be familiar with the #FedOnTopSpec hashtag and TopSpec is a brand I am proud to be associated with. Oscar's native diet of steamed hay and green green grass when turned out has been complimented with a cup of TopSpec Lite Balancer twice a day for well over twelve months - TopSpec Lite Balancer Review - and since on this diet he has never looked or felt so fantastic.

Recently Oscar has been prescribed with a veterinary supplement and unfortunately the 250g of TopSpec Lite Balancer did little to disguise it and being a picky eater I had to look for a filler to add to his feed.

I immediately turned to TopSpec and researched their Chops, TopChop Zero stood out to me because it was a natural product and I was keen to keep his diet as simple as possible, it is made from British oat straw with added apple and mint flavour and resembles sunshine in a bag, silky, soft and smells deliciously clean and fresh.

TopChop Zero is actually designed for horse and ponies that are overweight and need an exceptionally low calorie source of mature forage - although this isn't Oscar TopChop Zero has risen to the challenge perfectly and allowed me to disguise the supplement whilst not affecting his weight or temperament.

TopChop Zero is a delicious product and again I am impressed - thank you TopSpec.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx