Perfect Fit Cool Mesh Glove Review - Noble Outfitters

Lightweight, mesh gloves are a Summer must have for me, I insist on riding in gloves and my failure to do so results in sore fingers and sweaty palms...neither desirable! I was immediately drawn to the Noble Outfitters Perfect Fit Cool Mesh Gloves because of their awesome colour range and I was torn between blackberry and periwinkle with the latter winning!

The Perfect Fit Cool Mesh Gloves are a slim fit and come in full sizes only, usually a 7.5 I found a 7 the best fit due to the stretchy jersey fabric of the gloves. They're designed with a SureGrip synthetic suede palm for superior grip that also features on the forefinger, thumb and pinky, with a mesh over the front of the hand for breath-ability and a snug velcro wrist closure.
All of these features contribute to the gloves being extremely comfortable to wear, even on the hottest of Summer days - I can say this because we've hit temperatures over 30 degrees in July...yes I am still living in the UK before you ask! 

The Perfect Fit Cool Mesh Gloves are touch screen friendly and although not 100% reliable, work after a few attempts for simple tasks, writing text messages can cause severe frustration and best avoided! 

They're machine washable, which is helpful because my much loved periwinkle soon started to look grubby, they washed well and didn't shrink...the downside, after three months of regular wear and one machine wash, the mesh fabric has started to bobble!! They cost a reasonable £17.50 and have performed well over Summer across a range of equestrian disciplines both in and outdoor in varying weather which makes their signs of wear forgiveable.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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