Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony #kickingcancersbutt

I will never forget watching the YouTube clip of Hannah Francis riding one of her horses called Mavis, titled "Guinea Pig Dressage Test" and thinking, there ain't anything "guinea pig" about this, that girl was made for the arena. After watching, I continued to read the blog post - as I have throughout Hannah's journey - titled My Irish Rollercoaster and struggled to comprehend what Hannah and her loved ones were coping with at the time and thought how very real this destructive disease was.

Heartbreaking news was shared today that Hannah had passed away, we were privileged that Hannah, alongside the loyal Willberry Wonder Pony shared their inspirational journey to raise over £115,000 for the charity she founded, it was Hannah's wish to help other people have truly memorable equine experiences, aiming to help grant wishes for seriously ill young people, and their families of an equine nature.

Please support Hannah's wish by donating to the Willberry Wonder Pony Community here.

Hannah Francis will be in my thoughts today and always, such bravery shall never be forgotten, my Hiho Silver Willberry Wonder Pony Charm is on route, and I look forward to seeing him in Rio. You leave a legacy to be proud of.

R.I.P xxxxxxxxxx

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