Freejump Soft'Up Pro Stirrup Review

I was and still am loyal to my Sprenger Bow Balance stirrups but now I am fortunate enough to own two saddles, two pairs of stirrups are required...I had a perfect plan and visualised how elegant shiny silver Jin stirrups would look on my dressage saddle, but the happily ever after I'd hoped for wasn't to be - you can read my Jin review here - and typically my Sprengers are dirty as used everyday on all terrain, in all weather and therefore not ideal to quickly switch onto my sparkly Equipe Emporio (not with my OCD anyway).

Discussing my Jin disappointment with a fellow equestrian they recommended the Freejump Soft'Up Pro stirrups and to fulfill my duty as an Equine Blogger decided I should give them a whirl and started off with them on my dressage saddle...rule breaker!

Although expensive with a RRP £215 - £250 the safety aspect was a huge appeal, the Freejump Soft'Up Pro is a single branch stirrup, flexible and made of Elastollan, helping to free the foot in case of a fall - they give me great confidence when I ride in them. 
The official Freejump Product Tutorial shows a super demonstration:

The floor of the Freejump Soft'Up Pro stirrup is a nonskid wide base with steel studs to give a powerful grip, they have a noticeable weight meaning it hangs in the correct position and doesn't bounce against the horses movement, bringing relief to both horse and riders joints. I find them impossible to loose, and although confusing at first the unique stirrup eye is the result of over two years research, works with any type of stirrup leather and is the key to a better leg position, bringing the toe inwards with a natural rear incline to support the heal, altogether giving a great riding experience.

They're available in black, chocolate, vanilla, blue, red, orange, pink or the silver premium edition.

To summarise they're not the glamorous, barely there stirrups I envisaged I'd wear on my dressage saddle but they've transformed how I ride, put my foot where it should be and give me so much security that they're currently my favourite stirrup to use, the only issue this leaves me with is needing a pair for each saddle!! What colour should my second pair be....?

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx