Ruffle Snuffle Tuggers Stable Pop Review

Throughout Spring I stable Oscar during the day and he has turnout at night, I understand this is not the most effective way to limit his grass in-take, but it means he is less stuffy and gassy when I ride after work. As we move into Summer I continue the routine because of the lack of natural shelter at our yard from the sun, heat and of course those pesky horse flies!

The routine works extremely well for us, however on certain days if all the other liveries are turned out Oscar may have time stabled alone. Although he is always calm when stabled alone, as I don't like to make a big deal of it, I ensure to do everything so he stays this way and love looking out for fun and interesting - ideally sugar free - stable toys, boredom busters and anything else to entertain him whilst I am stuck at work!

Review of hand baked Hoofed horsey treats coming soon...

The Tuggers Stable Pop by Ruffle Snuffle jumped out at me as soon as I saw it on my Twitter feed, the Pop is best described as a flexible 8" football made from 100% natural rubber and is wonderfully bouncy!! It has a fabulous luxury fleece 30cm handle and the whole thing is machine washable, plus you can choose your own colours!

Fill it will hay, haylage, apples, carrots or your horses favourite treats...since it arrived I have spent my mornings scavenging in the hedgerows for Oscar's favourite picnic choices, sticky buds, cow parsley, dandelions and luscious green grass with sliced apple and carrot for the finishing touch! 

I take a huge amount of pride in my Pop's presentation, visualising it as a horsey hanging basket to be judged the The Chelsea Flower Show, and Oscar aka Mr Spooky Pants gets an equal amount of pleasure as he enthusiastically devours it without a flicker of caution at the red ball bouncing back in his face - I wish he was as calm around footballs, or maybe it's the small children that unnerve him?

Both Oscar and I are totally in love with the Tuggers Stable Pop and are excellent value at £14.50, the perfect gift to your Gee Gee or horse obsessed friend. The Pop's are individually hand made to order so please allow a few extra days for delivery but will arrive beautifully packaged and ready to be filled, so start planning your menu now!

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx