Keeping Up With The Unicorns - Quic Braid Review

Picture taken from Google

Washing your horses mane immediately before plaiting up will end in tears, it goes fluffy and fly away and is best avoided at all costs! But what if you own a grey horse, whose mane is pure white, like Oscar's and washing it becomes a necessity?

Before discovering Quic Braid I wouldn't waste any time when plaiting up, I'd wash Oscar's mane and move at lightening pace to finish his plaits before the mane dried, with a damp sponge on hand for emergencies. This worked well, but those pesky pieces of pulled mane still managed to fuzz at the roots and on arrival at my venue I'd discretely pat down any wisps once on board.

I understand the above is perfectly acceptable, Oscar is clean and neatly plaited but the perfectionist in me found Quic Braid jumping out at me on the grooming isle and I had to put it to the test...

Since using Quic Braid I have learnt I can continue to wash Oscar's mane before events and my confidence quickly grew so that I now lightly towel dry the hair afterwards. I section off the mane and before starting to plait, comb the hair up and spray with Quic Braid from the root to the tip and plait away. Quic Braid gives perfect grip without being sticky, allowing super tight and neat plaits to be braided with great control reducing fluffy flyaway fuzz! And the best part is come home time, I unwrap the plaits and run my fingers through a silky soft, non-sticky mane, it is invisible!

A must have in our grooming kit - sold at Horse Health for £14.50 

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx