Keeping Up With The Unicorns, LeMieux Tail Guard Review

The appearance of Oscar's tail on arrival at our destinations can vary from that of a show pony finalist at HOY's to a pony who is suffering with severe sweet itch. I guess sometimes he feels like resting his bottom against the back of the trailer and other times he makes the effort to balance himself using the four legs God gave him?

Left: prior to using the LeMieux Tail Guard - you can see how Oscar's tail is puffed up at the back, so disappointing when I go to so much effort with his turnout.
Right: after travelling wearing the LeMieux Tail Guard, arrives with a pristine tail every time!

The lack of consistency makes unwrapping his tail bandage a moment of dread...please don't let it be a bog brush, please don't let it be a bog brush! No amount of dampening it down, coating it in conditioner or shine spray will help and using a damp flannel underneath or a fleece exercise bandage instead only made a marginal difference, so upon purchasing my LeMieux Tail Guard I did wonder if I was wasting another twenty quid? 

After four journeys - both ways so technically eight - I want to know why nobody took pity on me and told me about this invention, they're incredible and save me so much time! 

The LeMieux Tail Guard is made from Airprene, a soft, flexible material that allows skin to breath whilst releasing moisture through perforations in the fabric, it's shaped into a tube with three velcro tabs. I place it under Oscar's doc, as high as I can, smooth the hair down and wrap around his tail, securing the with the velcro tabs, it has excellent grip whilst never being tight therefore caused me no concern regarding circulation. There is an additional velcro tab that goes all the way around the tail bandage and this is for the detachable tail bag! Having a grey I have used it every time, I can't believe how much I used to faff, dampening tails, plaiting and bandaging them right to the bottom, to arrive deflated in serious need of water and a tail comb!

I urge you to purchase one of these if your horse ever rests on the trailer or lorry during transportation, if not for your own sanity, for the comfort of your horse! 

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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