Keeping Up With The Unicorns - Wahl Grooming Glove Review

I declared today, Tuesday 19th April 2016 as our first official naked day of the year. Yiippeee!

For weeks I have been desperate to let Oscar roll without a rug to naturally shed his Winter coat, but the none existent Spring we're experiencing means gusts of wind, storms, sleet, snow and copious amounts of rainfall have made naked turnout near impossible and therefore have been loving my new Grooming Glove by Wahl to help Mother Nature along. 

The Wahl Grooming Glove was purchased from exciting new online retailer Culloden Farm Equine (along with one or two other goodies you'll see from the picture, reviews to follow), and has been the best £4.96 I have spent in a long, long time.

The Grooming Glove is a circular mitt you place your hand inside, there is a piece of elastic to slot your palm into to keep your hand central as you work for ease of use. One side is covered in tiny rubber bristles, perfect for short, fine, smooth coats, unlike traditional oval rubber curry combs that can be too hard and ridged on sensitive areas. The Grooming Glove is mesh and rubber, therefore easily cleaned or washed down and can be used to groom and massage. 

My Wahl Grooming Glove caused serious grooming envy at our yard as my other liveries couldn't believe how effect it was, easy to use, or that it cost less than five pounds. Oscar loves it too, falling to sleep as I use it in circular motions all over his body, and I am addicted to using it on his hairy legs! Goodbye Winter woolliness...

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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