Jin Stirrup Review

Challenge me to name a more beautiful stirrup than the Jin Stirrup and I am stumped? Manufactured in Italy, for me they stand out because of their stunning revolutionary design that appears so simplistic and effortless to the eye. 

Made from aluminium, Jin Stirrup have produced an iron with a maximum weight of 300 grams - this made me wonder how much jockeys plastic irons weigh...have to get back to you on that one. I can think of up to twelve vibrant colours the classic Jin Stirrup comes in and to ensure they survive in extreme riding conditions they anodize the metal, this gives a protective barrier against corrosion. I played it safe and ordered 'Brilliant' a super shiny silver colour.

Gentle Bob, Oscar's Sunday name
The Diamond Tread is very clearly shown here

Jin Stirrup's have a stirrup leather loop at the top and fit normal leathers, they are designed as a left and a right with a large surface area for the base of your foot. Jin Stirrup take pride in the grip their irons provide thanks to a special diamond design, the foot bench appears to have lots of spiky diamonds sticking out, these rest against the sole of your boot offering a high sense of stability. I also love I can clean the diamonds with a stiff brush to remove arena surface from the stirrups before I roll them back up on my saddle, they clean up far better than rubber tread.

If I could choose one word to describe how they are to ride in it would be....WEIGHTLESS

And weightless comes with it's pros and cons; I purchased my Jin Stirrup's in November '15 and waited until I got my dressage saddle in March '16 to start wearing them, it saddens me to confess the Jin Stirrup's are not right for me at this time. I am adjusting to a totally new seat, I need to lengthen my hamstrings and really stretch down into something I can feel and I don't get enough feedback from the Jin Stirrup. I haven't ever lost a stirrup whilst riding in them however they continually get caught on the laces of my boots and because of their weightlessness I can't easily jiggle them back into place. I feel I need to gain confidence in my new seat, learn my new leg position with lots of riding without stirrups before I return back to my Jin Stirrup's. At a standstill they are a fantastic width for my foot, placing my ankle at an effortless and comfortable angle although until I have 100% lower leg awareness, I have admitted defeat of not being ready for these yet...I pride myself on being honest in my reviews and here I am admitting they are totally gorgeous but not right for me here and now on my dressage saddle which is what I purchased them for.

You can see from the bow in the stirrup leather how weightless the irons are.

I purchased my Jin Stirrups in the UK from Horse-Security: £139 with an additional £12 charge for engraving services.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx

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