Hamag Leather Number Holder Review

A panicked thought went through my mind...I don't have a number holder and I am entered into my first ever British Dressage competition at the weekend!!  

After a frantic Google, quickly discarding the idea of dressing Oscar in a white plastic disc I found Hamag and a speedy message to them confirmed a leather number holder could be in the post tomorrow. 

At the time my preference was a number to attach to my saddle pad, the competition was days away and I didn't want Oscar to take a dislike to anything attached to the headpiece of his bridle without a gradual introduction to it at home and Hamag had the perfect solution, the circular leather number holder for saddle blankets, designed to not fall off! All of their leather number holders are handmade in Australia with quality materials and a promise of lasting a lifetime, retailing at £25. The UK based customer service was impeccable, posting the item immediately which I received the next day.

The leather is beautiful and my Hamag holds three numbers measuring 11cm x 8cm, the velcro is heavy duty and the reverse side can be stitched, pinned or glued to your saddle pad of choice. As a sewing enthusiast I chose to hand stitch mine, however my index finger didn't thank me for it, so be prepared for pin pricks! And, if I ever change competition pad I can easily sew on a new piece of velcro.

Now I am not in so much of a rush, I've taken time to admire Hamag's website and I love the patent and swarovski crystal bridle tags, one would look perfect with our PS of Sweden bling.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx