Euro-Star Laura De Luxe Grip Tec Breeches

I remember the first time I splashed out on a pair of 'posh' breeches, they were by Pikeur and cost over £100, they're still going strong and are beautiful to wear and ride in after many years of use. Proof they were worth every penny.

...the above is fabulous, but has made me somewhat blinkered to other brands, fearful of splashing the cash and being when I was sent a pair of Euro-Star breeches from Andrea Sexton PR I jumped for joy at the opportunity I had been offered. 

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When my breeches arrived I loved everything about their vibrant appearance. They are raspberry, the must have colour for Spring/Summer 2016, the pockets decorated with sparkly diamant√© jewels and the knees patterned with glittery grip patches. For me, it was love at first sight, however it wasn't until I placed my first leg (always my right...) into the Euro-Star Laura De Luxe Grip Tec breeches that I actually began to appreciate the Euro-Star brand. 

The founder (1959), Hans Gotzens was a pioneer in exploring new materials and product functionality with a passion and dedication to equestrian sport. Euro-Star continue to follow his vision to this day and have evolved into a leading equestrian brand, blending horse and rider into a perfect team. And this is something I totally get after wearing their product, I don't think I've ever ridden in anything so technical with such extreme comfort.

I am a size 8/10 and wear a size 38

I'll start from the waist down, they're hipsters but not the type that embarrass you when you bend down to bandage your horses legs...I have named them, dignified hipsters. Practical belt loops with the Euro-Star brand sewn in calligraphy letters stylishly placed above the back pockets, decorated in a shower of shining silver and black diamant√© and studs that sparkle in the sunshine (these also feature on the front pockets)Whilst all this beauty happens on the outside, the fabric is an elasticated microfibre, multi-stretch material specifically designed for equestrian sport with the softest lining that my bottom loves. The fabric is lightweight, breathable and most importantly to me offers maximum mobility, I do not own another pair of breeches that are as flexible and soft against the skin as these. 10/10 for comfort.

The knees are decorated with the innovative Grip Tec silicon print patches, and offer perfect grip whilst riding. I have seriously put these breeches through their paces wearing them dressage training, show jumping, hacking and cantering and it was during the latter I really noticed how secure they were, my knee wasn't going anywhere and I could feel the connection the Grip Tec gave me to the saddle. Not forgetting my ankles, the Laura De Luxe Grip Tec breeches have an innovative flex-cuff that closes the fabric around the leg without the need for velcro, for me this again highlights Euro-Stars dedication to comfort, reducing any bulk around the ankle, your legs slide effortlessly into your riding boots.

The technical ability of the Euro-Star Laura De Luxe Grip Tec breeches has blown me away and now I want a pair in every colour, titanium being the top of my wishlist! So if like me, you play it safe and always sway towards your trustworthy brand, be adventurous and try something new...change is fabulous, embrace it, I have and I love it!

Thank you to Euro-Star and Andrea Sexton PR for the opportunity.

Thank you for reading, Jessica and Oscar xxxx