Diamond Equestrian Pure Silver Browband

Diamonds are a girls ponies best friend...

Oscar and I are incredibly proud to be Brand Ambassadors for Diamond Equestrian, an online shop specialising in beautiful matchy and sparkly browbands. The owner Evie generously gave Oscar and I a £20 voucher to spend with the company and because Evie is passionate about the highest quality for the best price, this went a long way! 

It took me some time to decide whether to go with the dreamy deep purple saddle pad at £30 or to bling up my everyday brown bridle with some sparkle for £20? As my saddle pad addiction, sorry...collection doesn't need any encouragement I opted for the browband.

The delivery was fast and my browband arrived as described and packaged beautifully complete with mini diamonds in the bubble wrap, it was very special to unwrap and I thought what a fabulous present idea this is for any equestrian, safe in the knowledge it would arrive perfectly packaged by Evie herself with serious attention to detail.

The pure silver three row browband couldn't suit our needs more, I wanted something simple and elegant that wouldn't look out of place when hacking out or going showjumping, this fits the brief perfectly! The browband has a slight curve and made from buttery soft leather - the website makes a point that the brown leather is a deep red and my photo shows the slight difference between my havana bridle leather and that of the browband, I can easily soak the loops to make them match so this doesn't concern me - and the diamant√© crystals shine clear and bright in the light, the quality is outstanding for the price of £20. Oscar is extremely comfortable in it and wears size cob, Diamond Equestrian include sizes and measurements on the website to ensure you ordered the perfect size.

I think you'll all agree it looks stunning on  <3 THANK YOU DIAMOND EQUESTRIAN

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Thank you for visiting Gee Gee and Me, Jessica and Oscar xxxx